Proof Of Afterlife By Complication - The Fourth Proof (Circa 1971)

It was winter of 1971. The temperate warm days of a Michigan fall were gone now. So were the leaves on the trees. Snow was on the ground. Students had returned to school. My last psychedelic experience was three months ago. From that experience came my piece of paper stating memory and dimension. There was an also drawing of a pyramid. I decided to do this one last time. This time I would use a tape recorder.

At the time, 50 years ago, I didn't believe there was a good proof of afterlife. I felt this was the first true proof of afterlife. That's a lot of weight to put on a nineteen year old. This was a rebellious effort. I had no backing.

In my mind I felt I needed to get away. I had this notion of starting a long journey that would eventually lead to preaching and notoriety. So I called up a friend of mine in Lansing, Michigan. Lansing is about one hour away from Ann Arbor. He was enrolled at Michigan State University. He rented a house. In December 1971 I left Ana Arbor for Lansing.

First on the agenda was a psychedelic experience with a tape recorder. You are going to read excerpts from that evening here in this section. There was no party element to this at all. I saw this as a strictly scientific experiment. I did this alone. Looking back on it, I can't imagine anything more dangerous. The reason I did this was because of the two previous times I'd witnessed afterlife.

The first time I saw afterlife I was just a kid getting high with my friends. I was only 17 years old at the time. Everyone was high.  At the height of it I witnessed my mind change dimension. Even though I could barely think, I knew this was important. I asked around for a pencil and paper to write this down but nobody had one.

The second time I saw afterlife I came prepared with a pencil and paper. It happened again and I wrote it down. The paper was a drawing of a pyramid (like the one in the header above) with the words, "Memory and dimension work together and that is why things become more complicated." The problem was, after it was over, what I had written didn't make any sense. Who knows what this means?

This Lansing adventure is the third time. This time I was determined not to miss anything. I came prepared with a tape recorder. This theory, Proof Of Afterlife By Complication, is an account of that comes directly from that taped session of fifty years ago.

By this time I had made proving afterlife my life's mission. Being raised Catholic I was well aware of the life of Jesus. I was infatuated by that. I felt the parallel with him. That is part of what drove me on. But here's the thing. This was real. In spite of the romantic idea of being "chosen" this was real. A real proof of afterlife was within reach. This is coming from the perspective of someone in their sixties, not their teens.

From here on I clung to the idea of proving afterlife like a bit bull. I wouldn't let it go. This third trip was an insane thing to do. I would do this alone, only this time I would have a tape recorder. I would record the entire experience from beginning to end. Looking back on this, fifty years later, I can't believe I did this. It was dangerous. But it worked. The tape recorder insured I wouldn't miss anything. It was essential that I had it. As it turned out, this afterlife event was far more fleeting than I thought. As your read this you'll see that this happens in an instant and lasts for only seconds. It took years of reviewing these tapes to determine exactly what happened. That crazy kid from Michigan came through. This time wasn't fun but it was effective. It got the job done.

Read the eye witness account of the mind changing dimension, exactly as it happens.

Proof Of Afterlife By Complications

I. The Experience And Transcript

1. Background

Throughout human history you would be hard pressed to find a first-hand account of coming face to face with afterlife. This was brought about by an outlandish idea that turned out to be correct. Having recently had success with afterlife two times earlier, this time I decide to have a tape recorder with me. So in January 1970 I took the drug, alone, and waited with me tape recorder. The intention was to record everything on the outside chance that something significant may occur. As it turned out something significant did occur. During that evening I witness afterlife as it happened. When it happened I hand a microphone in hand and was about to record the event.  It is important to point out that this is not a recollection of something that happened. On the contrary, this is a first-hand account of the event as it happened. I would venture to guess that it is the only first hand, as it is happening, account of afterlife in history.

2. How Hallucinations Work

The best depiction of how hallucinations work is Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice - the original done in 1940, not the sequel done in 2010. I can't include it here for copyright purposes but you can find it on You Tube. Here is the link to this remarkable piece. If you want to know how hallucinations react, this is it:

In the video Mickey magically animates a broom, instructing it to carrying two buckets of water to fill his well. The broom makes repeated trips bringing water and dumping it into Mickey's well each time. As Mickey's environment begins to flood he tries to stop the broom. He stands in the way of the broom. The broom simply runs him over. Mickey realizes he cannot stop the broom from delivering water.

As his environment fills up with water, Mickey begins to panic. Finally he takes an axe, and chops the broom up into little pieces. He thinks he has stopped it permanently. As he is thinking he has regained control over the situation, each piece reanimates to become an entire broom itself, each with two buckets of water. When Mickey looks outside his door, to his horror he sees hundreds of brooms coming, each with two buckets of water.

Chaos ensues. Mickey is floating how. Buckets of water are being dumped into the environment. In desperation Mickey grabs a bucket and tries to bail water out. With each bucket he bails, hundreds more are being dumped in. Finally the environment is flooded. Mickey is thrashing about. The brooms, hundreds of them now, are still coming.

Hallucinations work in stages. Here is what happens:

1. Stage one - control: Mickey's original broom is a hallucination. It is fun in the beginning since there is only one. The broom is bringing water so Mickey doesn't have to. Mickey is in total control.

2. Stage two - loss of control: When Mickey realizes the well is full he instructs the broom to stop. The broom simply runs him over. At this point Mickey realizes he cannot control the hallucination.

3. Stage three - multiplication: Mickey takes an axe and chops the broom up into small pieces. Hallucinations are like this. When you look at them, they multiply. Where before you had one, now you have dozens. Each one has the same ferocity as the original. None of them heed your call to stop. They just keep coming.

4. Stage four - drowning: In the video the environment fills up with water. In real life the environment fills up with hallucinations. The depiction of water however, is accurate. Your environment filling up with hallucinations is as terrifying as your environment filling up with water. The emotions are the same.

In the video, the Sorcerer comes in and takes control of the environment. In real life this doesn't happen. The drowning just gets worse and worse and worse. There is no way to regain control over your environment. This was the most terrifying moment of my life. It feels exactly like you are dying - because you are.

That is why I brought a tape recorder with me. In this condition you simply cannot do anything.

3. The Shear Luck Of Obtaining The Transcript

Imagine having your environment filling up with water. As you are running out of air, hundreds of brooms are dumping more water in. Then, just as the last bit of breathable air is exhausted, you pick up a microphone and dictate was is happening around you.

That is what happened that night. That is what you will read here on the site.

After this is over you have no recollection of the event. All you are left with is a few tapes from a tape recorder. You really have no idea what happened or what was said.

That is why this is so difficult to capture. All I had was a piece of paper that said, "Memory and dimension work together and that is why things become more complicated" with a sketch of a pyramid. Additionally, now I had a few tapes. We now had that in hand.

Then I took a month to transcribe from the tape to paper. Then I took another six months to try to understand what was going on. Then it took another five years of writing a book to really gain an understanding. Then you have to retain these written materials for 50 years to get to this point today.

That is why this is so rare. That is the sequence of event to arrive at a true theory of afterlife. That is why you will not find this anywhere else.

II. Being Witness As Afterlife Takes Place

- The following is a direct transfer from the original tape. That which is under the influence is in read. This is the exact sequence of sentences as they went down. I have annotate them (in black) so you now what we going on. Watch now as you see afterlife at work.

1. Seeing Afterlife - Phase One - Out of Control:

Being surrounded by hallucinations goes through four stages, being in control, losing control, multiplication, and drowning. At this point in the tape I am past stage one and well into stage two. The hallucinations have gotten out of control. Although I appear calm on the tape, I'm not. Inside my mind the hallucinations were raging and I was taking on water quickly.

Humm… It's really a mind thing.
What is going down in my head and what's going down on that tape recorder are two completely different things. There's on hundred percent in my head and one hundredth of one percent on the tape recorder.

I thought I heard somebody out there… Wait a minute… The traffic has slowed down enough so that one car goes down the street I have a tendency to build it way up out of proportion.

Oh, my mind. This was an insane thing to do. An insane thing to do… I hope everyone appreciates me putting my head on the line because that is exactly what I did.

Oh… I am one high dude, man.

2. Seeing Afterlife - Phase Two - Multiplication:

At this point you can feel the fear and paranoia as the hallucinations continue to build. Inside my mind the hallucinations are running wild, increasing in quantity and intensity. You can hear me describe how my environment is covering the walls. As you look at them to try to comprehend what is going on, they just get worse. They become more complicated.

I wish I could be totally sure that no one was going to walk in.

This room is just so damned complicated, like trying to hit the moon ten years ago. Just shooting out into space.

Oh wow, I look up at the wall and it is on a weird angle. It reaqlly does. It looks like it is on a weird angle.

Eight hours I'm going to be like this. Eight hours!

I am definitely messed up. Messed up I the head and I mean just the head.

3. Seeing Afterlife - Phase 3 - Drowning:

Like Mickey's Sorcerer Apprentice, this is the point where the room fills up with water. I can only describe this as being in a room that fills up to the ceiling with water. That is the emotion you have. A this point the hallucinations are crawling everywhere, vivid and intense. You are just hanging on at this point. You feel as though you are about to die, because you are. During the long pause, reported here, you are watching a man die. The environment is so complicated you cannot talk or think.

Oh my God. There are hallucinations all over the place.

Wow. They're just all over the walls (pause).

You are insane boy.

I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm just looking out. I don't even like to close my eyes. I hate to admit it but I'm getting to that point…   now what's the point?

Oh yes. I hate to admit it but I'm getting too high.

(Long pause)

4. Seeing Afterlife - Phase 4 - Dimensional Change

Pay attention to this because this is where you see afterlife work. We have a situation where hallucinations have been building steadily in intensity, quantity, and power for quite a while. At this point in the tape I am drowning in hallucinations. Over time he situation has gotten steadily worse. Finally it is so dire that all I can do is close my eyes and try to hang on.

At that moment, when I'm about to die, everything miraculously clears up in an instant. What was hopelessly complicated before is simple now. My environment is clear of hallucinations. I am as in control as though I was under the influence at all. Listen now to what happens.

They're gone! The hallucinations are gone!

These hallucinations that seemed, YES!!! These hallucinations that seemed so complicated before seem trivial now (There is a long period of silence).

That is mellow! That is mellow!!!

Wow! That is the type of thinking that is going to make me see this thing. See? It is mind thinking. Yes. Mellow. Man, mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow.

Hum. I mean… I can't even remember what I….. That was like a big deal to me and I don't every remember it. Part of this confusion I guess… I don't know.

(Long pause)

This is mellow man. You're actually experiencing dimension. I know that know, but I still don't know how it works. Wham, it's there. Then it's gone.

Complications and dimension. It is a whole different way of looking at it. Look at the question of dimension through complications… Wow, that's really strange. There is a definite parallel. Let me try to get it again in my mind. Yea, and I can see it work. I like back up in my mind. Back up. I'm like a single point and when you back up you absorb more than you normally can and that is dimension.

This statement here is what I was hoping to capture. This is proof of afterlife. When the mind is faced with certain death, it doesn't quit. It does the opposite. It expands. Look at the question of dimension through complications proves afterlife. What this means is when hallucinations (complications) fill the environment with such ferocity as to snuff out awareness, the mind changes dimension. It backs up to become space and absorbs everything in the environment making it trivial.

This statement is reactionary. This ins't an interpretation. It isn't a recollection of a past event. It is reporting what is happening while it is happenting. There is no thinking going on. I am simply reporting the fact that before I was a single point. Now I am another dimension. The consequence of being in another dimension is absorbing everything in the environment, rendering it trivial.

This dimensional change is what happens at the end of life. The difference is it happens with respect to time too. In this case the mind goes from point to space. In afterlife the mind goes from point in time and space, to time and space. Hence, afterlife is an eternity while being only one moment in duration.

III. Witnessing The Mind Changing Dimension

1. Explaining What Just Happened

Above is a first hand account of the mind changing dimension. This account is like manna from the heavens. I am going to break this event down visually so you will know exactly what happened. There is no mistaking it on the tape. When overwhelmed with complications, then mind suddenly it backs up in space and absorbs the environment in total. The hallucinations, that were huge to the mind that was a point, are trivial to the mind that is now space. The mind changed dimension, right here. You can hear it on the tape. That is physical proof of what happens when you die, right there on tape.

2. Phase One - The Mind Overwhelmed With Hallucinations In The Environment

Here is an illustration of the enviornment before the change in dimension. The hallucinations in the environment are building in complexity. They are becoming more intense and harder to comprehend. You can tell from the monologue I am becoming increasingly paranoid caused by being overwhelmed with confusion. At this time the hallucinations are so thick and strong that I can't see a piece of paper to read it. Here is a visual approximation of the environment before the mind mind changes dimension:

3. Phase Two - The Mind Becomes The Environment

Then, one moment later, the hallucinations are gone. Notice the terms I used. I didn't say they disappeared. I said they are trivial. I describe this transition as going from complicated to trivial.  This is a mind thing. Here is an approximation of the environment after the event had taken place. The red dot that was the mind has now become the entire environment.

Notice how the hallucinations have become less intense. From my perspective they've gone from complicated to trivial.

In one instant, hallucinations went from complicated to trivial. It isn't the hallucinations that changed. The hallucinations remained the same throughout. It is the MIND that changed. Before the event the mind was small (a point of view) at the center of the environment. After the event the mind was large (backing up as it increased in size). Hence, the hallucations that were complicated before are trivial now.

4. Conclusion - The Mind Makes The Transition From Point To Space

The hallucinations became less complicated because the mind became bigger. The hallucinations that were complicated to the small mind, are trivial to the large mind. The large mind (which is now space) dwarfs the hallucinations in size. I make this point (of the mind as dimension) in this statement. This is too important to miss. This is the statement where I describe the mind making the transition from point to space:

Yea, and I can see it work. I like back up in my mind. Back up. I'm like a single point and when you back up you absorb more than you normally can and that is dimension.

It is this "backing up in my mind" that I want to get straight. That can mean a lot of things. We have to get this exactly right. To get it right, I want to illustrate the point. Here is an illustration of the mind backing up to become space. This is shown is four steps for clarity, but it happens in an instant.

The mind, before the event, is represented as the small red dot inside the head. I am sitting in the environment looking out. I describe this perfectly by saying, "I'm like a single point." Then the change takes place and the mind transitions from a point to space. To be clear, backing up in my mind does not mean the point moves. It means the point gets bigger. It backs up (expands) in all three dimensions as far as it can expand. It expands in length, width, and depth. It is a three dimensional expansion, starting from its center location, to the outer reaches of the environment. Absorbing more than it normally can means the mind has expanded. The mind, in its new enlarged state, absorbs the environment in total.

IV. Memory And Dimension - The Theory Is Born

1. Background

If you were to ask me if I thought that this theory is the only one like it in the world, I would have to say yes. I would say yes because of the long odds I had to overcome to bring it back. This isn't a matter of taking a drug, thinking real hard, and coming up with a theory. It doesn't work that way. It can be more accurately described as taking a drug, experiencing your environment becoming overrun with hallucinations, and breaking through into clarity.

The clarity period lasts maybe a minute. Then, almost immediately, the hallucinations begin to build again. As they build, your ability to think goes away. Thinking gives way to experiencing. Experience gives was to terror as you realize you cannot control your thoughts.

So there is that brief period of maybe a minute where you can see and understand this theory. It is much like being in the eye of a tornado as it passes over. It is intensely complicated, then clear for a minute, the intensely complicated again. Because all this is memory related, you really have no recollection of it happening, even right after the event. Here is a line from the transcript that took place just seconds after seeing memory as dimension and having a celebration about it:

I mean.....
I can't even remember what I.....
That was like a big deal to me and I don't even remember it.
Part of this confusion I guess.....
I don't know.

You can see by this statement that there is amnesia immediately following the event. I had no recollection of it happening just moments after it happened.

Going back through the sequence of events that led to the theory shows why it was so difficult to bring back. First was the initial trip at 18 years of age. During the evening I felt something had happened. During that minute of lucidity I asked for a pencil and paper but got none. I the evening ended with a vague feeling something important had happened but no recollection of what it was.

The second time I had a pencil and paper with me. During the minute of lucidity I wrote down what I saw. When the evening was over I had the same vague feeling I had seen something important. I also wrote it down. The problem was what I had written made no sense.

The third time this happened I had a tape recorder and the paper I had written from the time before. During the minute of lucidity I was able to read the paper and describe my thoughts into the tape recorder as they happened. When this evening was over I had the paper and I had the tape recorder, but I still had no idea of what had happened. I must say though, the thought that something important had happened was strong now. I knew this was important. I just didn't know how.

This happened in 1971. For the next 50 years I thought about what had happened. I went back through the tapes, line by line. I studied the transcript trying to piece together what had happened in my mind. After about 20 years a theory emerged. The next 20 years were spent getting it into readable form.

What are the odds of something like that happening? There are 3 events, each lasting about a minute that happened months apart. There is no recollection of any of them. Only by having a pencil, paper, and tape recorder was I able to capture them. Then I got it organized and up to the web for people to see it. That is why this is the only instance of this theory.

2. Complications In The Environment

The first thing to understand about hallucinations is that they are not superimposed on the environment - they are the environment. There is a difference. Superimposed means they are simply layered on top of reality. As an additional layer, they can simply be disregarded as not real.

That is not the case. Hallucinations are in the environment. They are as real is a lamp, wall, or person. You should never discount an account from someone experiencing a hallucination. To them, the hallucination is real. It doesn't just seem real - it is real.

It's been 50 years since I've seen a hallucination. What follows is a first-hand description while they were happening. What I do remember is that they were strikingly real. They were in bright, translucent, saturated colors. They were constantly moving and evolveing.

Imagine sitting in your living room, looking up and seeing something like this. A real hallucination would be moving. If you looked at the area where yellow turns to green, it would be slithering like the scales on a snake. The entire apparition would by moving and growing. Also this is just one hallucination. In real life there would be hundreds, if not thousands of hallucinations just like this. Each would be unfolding with new complexity. For example, the texture on just one ball would be intricately complex. If you looked closely, it would evolve into still more complexity. The calmness of the transcript belies the underlying environment. As I said over and over, the environment is far more complex than anything you could get down on tape.

Now, let's go back 50 years and listen to the tape. This is the first-hand account while it was happening. The patterns were flowing, developing, and seemed alive. Here is my description while it was happening:

I can see patterns all over the walls. I'm just sort of grooving on being high. It is different I will say that for it - a change of pace.

Hug, oh my God. All I can say is that there are all sorts of stuff happening on the walls and it would just be futile to try and describe it all. Suffice to say there is a lot going down.

Oh Wow. The more you think about it the more there is. If I was to tell you what I was thinking right now.....

I would have to be able to talk lightening fast for one.....
There is just too much.

When you focus on just one aspect, like the yellow pattern, it expands and develops in complexity. Notice how the surface appears to be faceted. The surface of each indvidual ball is complicated in its own right. Even a small aspect of the hallucination appears infinitely complex on its own. The deeper you go, the more complicated it becomes. This is what you see when you zoom in to try to understand just one little aspect.

The hallucinations are so intricate and interesting that the demand your full attention. You get so caught up in the hallucinations that you can't think. The hallucinations are relentless in presenting more complexity than you can understand. Eventually it gets so complex that you can't think of anything else. That's when you find yourself just hanging on. Here is the description of that situation while it was happing:

That's one of the frightening things about this drug. Things tend to become very confusing.

My hallucinations are beyond the point where I can turn them on and off. They're there. Lot going down…

I can see the room…

I don't know. It's almost as if the wall can move. You definitely do see things that come out of the wall. Not in the sense that they just leap right out of the wall but they're there.


Huh, the wall is just covered with stuff.

It is very difficult to describe hallucinations. I've never tried before. They're just so fast and complicated.

The emotion you feel when surrounded by hallucinations is like drowning.  When the drug first takes affect, and you see your first hallucination you're thinking, "Oh, isn't that cute. That is interesting."

You are mesmerized by the little hallucination on the wall. Pretty soon, there is a few more. Then you notice that the cute little hallucination has grown bigger. It is evolving and moving. You are awestruck by the complexity of it. Hallucinations command your attention by being so complex.

Then more hallucinations appear. Pretty soon they are coving the walls. Then you realize you are taking on water and you can't stop them. You are headed toward drowning. That is the point where curiosity turns to terror! Don't let the tape fool you. This was terrifying:


Whoaaaa! There is just so much going down. I am in a room, with nobody, and it is complicated. I mean COMPLICATED!!

This must be the paranoia. People try to get away from this. Ohhh.. COMPLEX!!

- There is a long pause...

This point, right here is the crescendo of complexity. This is the point where the last bit of oxygen gets sucked out of the room. As the user I'm just hanging on. This is the point where you are sure you are going to die.

3. Complications Force The Mind To Change Dimension

Then, the very next moment, I announce miraculously that the hallucinations have become nothing:

Now what I've done is I have stepped back in my mind and all these complications have become nothing. They've become trivia. And that is a dimension.

What caused the hallucinations to become nothing? What changed was the mind. Here is a drawing to explain what just happened.

On the far left, the mind (in orange) is small. As the drug is first taking effect, the complications (in blue) is small too.

As time goes on, complexity (hallucinations in the environment) begins to build. The mind however, stays small. As we move closer to the moment of dimensional change, complexity begins to dwarf the mind. The complexity of the environment overwhelms the mind's ability to understand it.

As we move still closer, complexity builds exponentially, far outstripping the mind's ability to handle it. Every increasing complexity puts the mind into a death like scenario. As a response, the mind opens up to the extent of the environment. The mind, in its new opened state, is larger than the hallucinations. Hence the hallucinations are able to come in unimpeded.  The large mind absorbs them easily. Notice that I didn't say the hallucinations have gone away. What I said was they have become trivial.

The hallucinations, that were so large, ferocious, and complicated before, have become trivial now. The hallucinations did not diminish. They remained the same. The mind changed. It expanded. As such, its ability to absorb expanded too. The way the drawing shows the mind expanding is an approximation. In real life the change is infinite. Before the change, the mind is a single point. After the change, the mind is the entire environment.

4. Bringing The Theory Of Memory And Dimension Back

When the mind changes dimension the hallucinations become trivial. There is a brief period where things return to normal and you can think. During this period of clarity, I remembered I had the paper from the last trip. I decided to get it out and look at it. The idea was to compare notes with what was happening now with what happened then. This is what that sounds like on the tape:

Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute.

I've got these things from my old trip. Yep, same kind of thoughts. Now that is even too high for me.

Dimension I'm beginning to get some kind of conception of.


Let me see.....

I do feel a rapport with these papers. One high person to another.

I don't have the paper anymore. It was a few simple words and the picture of a pyramid. It looked something like this:

I do remember pulling the piece of paper out and seeing it crawling with hallucinations. They were moving and evolving. I had to brush the hallucinations out of the way to see the paper. It looked something like this:

2. Phase Two - The Mind Changes Dimension

This is a significant event because the same thing happened twice, months apart, under totally different circumstances. Without the paper I could never be sure dimensional change was real. Under the influence of a mind-altering drug you have no idea of what is real and what is not. Whatever theory I came up with could just be the drug talking.

However when you take two instances, months apart, with two different drugs and the result is identical, that means the theory is real. Here's what happened:

Wow, that's really strange because these were my notes last time I put it together and they were a help to me.

Let me read one of these things:


Wait a minute...

Memory and dimension work together and that's whey things become more complicated.

Wait a minute…

Memory another dimension. That is a thought!

That's just it. You can see it work.

Do you know the significance of the drawing of the pyramid on the page?

If you do, I commend you. The reason I drew a pyramid is because the apex is a point. The base is wide. The pyramid embodies the change from point to space better than any geometrical object.

I have just witnessed my mind making the transition from point to space. We need to think of this both ways. Going into the change, I witness my mind going from point to space. After the change, with my mind as space, I look back on what I was before the change.

Looking back on my mind as point when my mind is space defines what we are during life. It is the perspective from mind as space that defines the mind before the change. When your mind is a big cube, you can look back and see that your mind before was a single point.

That is what the word dimension means in this context. It means that before the change the mind was a single point. After the change the mind is the surrounding space. That is why I drew the pyramid. It embodies the change from point to space. The pyramid made perfect sense to me having just gone through this transition. I had just seen clearly that my mind went from pont to space. The pyramid described that transition perfectly.

The surrounding space is memory. Memory as dimension means that memory is the mind of another dimension. The proof that memory is the mind of another dimension lies in complications. The environment can become more complicated because memory extends out to the environment. The objects (hallucinations) can manifest outside the mind, but within the environment, because memory extends out to the environment. They exist outside the mind and body, but they exist inside memory. That fact that they are there at all proves that memory is the mind of another dimension.

Do you see how this works?

All these objects existing in the environment proves that the mind extends out to the walls. Otherwise they wouldn't be there. The part of the mind that extends out into the world is memory. Memory works entirely in the background. It took an extraordinary experience like this to even know it exists. But it does exist. This tape proves it. When the going got tough, the mind transitioned from awareness to memory. Going through it I could see it work. I could see my mind as a single point. I could see my mind as space. I knew that the mind as a single point was how we see life. I could see that the mind as space was afterlife.

I'm reporting what happened. My mind went from point to space. There is no mistaking it on the tape. There is no mistaking it on the paper. It happened. It is real.

There is just one more consideration for a full understanding of afterlife. This experience here happened in three dimensions, length, width, and depth. Afterlife will happen in four dimensions. Afterlife will happen in time too. In three dimensions the mind transitions from point to surrounding space, but life goes on. In afterlife the mind makes the transition from point in space and time (the present) to surrounding space and time. The mind is fully capable of expanding into space as shown here on the tape. It happened when the mind could not continue to function in space. When the going got tough, it transitioned to space. This is a small glimpse of what will happen at the end of life. At the end of life, when the mind cannot continue, it will transition to all time and space. The surrounding time and space is memory. Memory is perfect and everything is there. Memory is far larger and more detailed than the first time around. When the mind makes its final transition it will transition into something unbelievably large. It will transition to become everything - all space and time.

How Complications Prove Afterlife

Proof Of Afterlife Enters The Writing Phase

I was a kid when this happened. I was just 19 years old. In the tape I mentioned I had $36 in my pocket. Here I was alone, estranged from my family, with $36. To make matters worse, it was cold. 1971 was the coldest winter I could remember.

I came back from Lansing in March 1971. My friend Neil was nice enough to take me in. We roomed together in the attic of an old Ypsilanti house. Neil worked. He brought in a paycheck. I didn't. There wasn't much heat in the attic. Looking back, it felt like a brutal Michigan winter. I could feel my health slipping being pulled in by the grip of pneumonia. I took my tapes and began to transcribe them. It was my job to piece together what just happened. When you come down from an experience like this you really don't know what happened. All I knew was I wanted to write it down and develop a theory.

This was before computers. All I had was a typewriter and a tape recorder. I began typing. Writing this book was not as easy as I thought. I really didn't know what to write about. What I know now is that it takes time to figure all this out. Neil afforded me the opportunity to have time to write. Most young people feel that what they are doing is more important than work. In my mind I was working on the theory of afterlife. What could be more important than that? So I was able to take months to transcribe the tape.

It turns out that 99 percent of what went onto the tape was a guy talking about being high. However there a six instances that last about 20 seconds where afterlife is revealed. These instances take place between 2 and 3 hours into the session. I'm going to take your through that hour now. These are the actual transcripts from the writing sessions in 1971. I have annotated those moments in the tape where afterlife was revealed.

Afterlife Revealed As It Happened In 1971

Here is page one. We pick this up about two and one half hours into this experience. As you can see from the tape, the hallucinations are running wild. They are intense and complicated. They keep building and building in complexity. Then, suddenly, they are gone as shown in quote one.

This was the first time during the evening that my mind changed. All I knew at this point was that the hallucinations, that were intensely complicated, were gone. My feeling was that something in my mind had changed and this caused the hallucinations to disappear.

On page two, you can tell by the tape that hallucinations quickly build back up in intensity. Then about 5 minutes after the first revelation, it happens again. In quote two my mind changes again. This time I am starting to understand that this has something to do with afterlife. Notice how quickly after the event takes place that it is completely forgotten.

On page three there is another event. Like the first two it is preceded by a period of intense hallucinating. You can't read it on the page, but those dots are periods of silence where I am so overcome with complexity that I cannot talk. You can feel the fear creep into my voice as apparitions overrun my mind. Then in quote three it happens again. Note the difference in the explanation though. Instead of saying the hallucinations are gone, I more accurately describe the hallucinations as going from complicated to trivial. There is a subtle but important distinction between the two. Hallucinations are gone indicates that something happened to the hallucinations. Hallucinations going from complicated to trivial indicates something happen to the mind. Going through this for the third time I gain an understanding that mind mind's ability to handle complications has increased.

Notice again that immediately after this event I forget all about it. My environment goes from complicated, to trivial, and back to complicated in seconds. I have no ability to remember the event.

You can tell by the tape that the drug's affect is happening in cycles. The environment goes from complicated, to simple, to complicated every five to ten minutes. The periods before clarity are marked the paranoia. This is due to hallucination complication level building to incomprehensible levels. Then when my situation becomes the most bleak, everything clears up. Each cycle, each time this happens I describe it more accurately.

Here in quote four it happens again. This time I describe it as experiencing dimension. To be clear, dimension to me means all space. Dimension means the surrounding environment. In quote four I am experiencing my mind becoming surrounding space. Then, almost immediately I become immersed in complications.

In quote five the cycle come around again. Each time this happens my explanations of the event get more detailed and accurate. It is as if I am gaining insight each time it happens. Notice this time, when the hallucinations become trivial my explanation is detailed and accurate. This time I see through the event how the mind as space and complexity in the environment are related. I go on to explain what is happeing when I state that I'm like a single point and when I backup you can absorb more than you normally can and that is a dimension.

I am going to explain what happened here. My mind was a single point in an environment filled with hallucinations. The hallucinations, compared to a mind that is a single point, were large, complicated and threatening. Then my mind transitioned to the surrounding environment. Now the hallucinations, compared to a mind that is space, are trivial. The mind changed dimension, going from point to surrounding space. As a consequence the hallucinations that were so complicated before the change, became trivial after the change. I couldn't have described this any better.

In quote six the transition from point to space happens again. This time it is a little hard to make out because I wasn't talking at the time it happened. I can tell by my language that it happened. When I said "get super down" that is exactly when I was experiencing it.

Notice how this time however, I add a time element to the event. This is the sixth time during the evening my mind transitioned. Each time I experienced it I gained more insight. This time I talk about filing the event away in my memory. The implications of that insight are profound. What this means is that the mind transitioned from point to space AND the mind as space got filed away in memory. This is theory of afterlife realized. The mind as space is filed away in memory. That means memory is space. Space is within memory. Time is within memory. When people say the see God this is what they experience. This means that memory is God. It contains everything. It is all encompassing and eternal. That seemly innocuous statement about filing the mind is space in memory proves afterlife completely. This is a demonstration of afterlife, right here on this tape.

This was the seventh and final time my mind transitioned from point to space. During that brief period of calm I had the presence of mind to pull out the piece of paper from my previous experience.

Quote seven is interesting. At the beginning of it my mind transitions from point to space. I describe this as stepping back. All complications became trivial. At that moment things were calm. My first thought was to reach for my former papers. That was smart. As I read them the complication are beginning to build however I still had recollection of the mind as space. The statement "Memory and dimension work together and that's why things become more complicated" made sense at the time. What that means is the mind expanded to space is memory. Put another way, the mind has become the environment. Because the mind is space, that is why hallucinations exist. Hallucinations exist outside the body but inside the mind because the mind is space.

I took insight to look at hallucinations in the environment and develop a connection with memory. It took insight to realize that the mind, which at this moment was space, was memory. There was no magic going in. This is logic. In a brief moment of clarity I described the relationship between the mind as point, the mind as space, and memory. This is a remarkable piece of logic.

By the time we get to the end of the paragraph complexity had built in the environment again. But during that moment of clarity the message was clear. Memory is the mind of another dimension.

That was it. The transition never happened again.

A Review Of The Cycles Of Proof Of Afterlife

The hallucinations were still intense but they never got into their exponential building phase sufficient to cause the mind to transition from point to space. This transition happened seven times throughout the evening, starting at about two hours in and lasting for about one hour. The events seemed to follow a cycle where hallucinations would build, then crescendo in complexity exponentially, then break through into clarity. Then the cycle would begin again.

Each time I went through the cycle I became more familiar with what was happening and more accurate about describing it. It was as if I added insight through each cycle. Here is how I add detail and accuracy each time I broke through into clarity:

First cycle: "They're gone. The hallucinations are gone."

Second cycle: "A little glimpse of insight."

Third cycle: "The hallucinations that seemed so complicated before seem trivial now."

Fourth cycle: "You are actually experiencing dimension."

Fifth cycle: "I'm like a single point and when you back up you absorb more that you normally can and that is a dimension."

Sixth cycle: "It is filed away in my memory that I did some get down thinking before."

Seventh cycle: "Now what I've done is I have stepped back and all these complications have become nothing. They have become trivial. And that is a dimension. Memory and dimension work together and that is why things become more complicated."

Each one of these insights had complexity before and after it. The period of lucidity lasted mere seconds. Furthermore you have no memory of the event after it happens. For example, when event four happened I had no memory of event one. However each time it happened I seemed to gain understanding of what was happening and how it relates to afterlife.

I have never given myself any credit for formulating this theory. All I really saw was large, complicated, and threatening hallucinations become trivial. To develop a theory of afterlife under these conditions took some capabilities. First it took the ability to stay calm during chaos. Second it took some thinking to relate a diminution of complexity to a geometrical increase in the size of the mind. Third it took some logic to realize when the mind as space gets filed into memory that memory contains space too. All this thinking took place under the most adverse conditions possible. After 50 years I look back at my young self and realize that it took ability to pull this off. It took determination to stick with it all these years. While I've always written this off as anyone could have done this, now, fifty years later I'm not so sure. Theory of Afterlife is a great theory. It took insight, determination, and downright daring to bring it to life. I can say now that I am proud of my young self. I applied my talent to its fullest to create a theory of afterlife that has never been done before. Millions of people have had these experiences. Yet only one has a mathematical proof of afterlife. It is about time I let myself feel proud of it.