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Afterlife Proven: The Equation Between Memory & Awareness

An unknown mathematical relationship exists between memory and conscious awareness. Once you understand what this relationship is you will see how afterlife is proven. This is a geometric relationship. It is best to imagine it visually. Here is a tip: if you are envisioning a pyramid you are headed in the right direction.

For every living being there is a wall up ahead. It is end of life. No one knows what is on the other side of that wall - until now.

The name of this piece is "Proof of Afterlife." This isn't speculation about afterlife or thoughts about afterlife or emotional content about afterlife. It is PROOF of afterlife. It's not an opinion. It's not a boast. It's real and it's revealed here on the site.

The fact that this theory has not achieved recognition has nothing to do with me. I've written it as clearly as I can. I've even illustrated it to make it easier to understand. It is little known that Google does not even look at page content. They base ranking on popularity only. It's like having a library card catalog that doesn't look in the books. If they looked at content at all they would see 150 pages of mathematical content with over 100 illustrations proving afterlife. The assertation that content can be faked is nonsense because the material holds a US Copyright. As the author I can only make it public. The fact that the public (including Google) choose not to read it is their decision, not mine.

I'm not going to beat around the bush. I'm going to tell you how afterlife works right now. The end of life is a wall. Think of it as a barrier. The truth is there is nothing beyond that barrier. However that does NOT mean afterlife doesn't exist. I will tell you why.

Here's the key concept: memory.

There is a misconception when it comes to memory. People simply don't understand what it is and how it works. Understanding memory is understanding afterlife. Here is how memory really works:

Imagine a building.

Make this a big building. It occupies an entire city block.

The building is as tall as it is wide. It is one city block wide, deep, and tall.

Now imagine this building is made entirely out of glass.

The building has 40 floors. There are stares between floors. Those are made out of glass too.

You enter the building through the front door on the ground floor.

As you look around you can see everywhere throughout the building. From your vantage point just inside the door on the ground floor you can see throughout the entire interior. You can see all the way to the far reaches of the top floor because everything is made of glass.

Now you go exploring. You go up five flights of stairs. You walk down the hall. You go up another six flights of stairs. You turn right and walk down the hall. You can't see anything because everything is glass. You go up more stairs, down more hallways, and all of a sudden you are a long way from where you started.

Then you look down to the point where you entered the building. You can see it because the building is made of glass. However you're lost. You can't get back to where you started. There are just too many twists and turns to remember how to get back.

Do you have this picture? Good. This is a key component of afterlife.

1. Your current location inside the building is your consciousness.

2. The glass building itself is your memory.

3. What you just experienced - not being able to get back to where you started - is called an Out of Body Experience. It is a known phenomenon in medicine. Doctors know it exists but they don't know why. Well this is why: memory is three dimensional space. Out of Body Experience is when consciousness is displaced into memory. It happens. It doesn't happen a lot but it does happen.

Interesting, but how does this prove afterlife?

1. During life you are the point of view within the building.

2. During life your memory is like the glass building. It is your unlimited physical surrounding space.

3. All the glass buildings for every moment of your life from conception to the present exist in memory. Notice I said exists. I didn't say recorded. Every moment exists exactly as it happened.

So now we are approaching the wall at the end of life. We are not approaching only as the little being stuck down in the corner of the big glass building. We are approaching it as a collection of big glass buildings, one for each moment of our life, held in memory.

Do you see how things have changed?

Formally we considered end of life as what will happen to the tiny point of view, alone in the universe, approaching a huge wall.

Now we consider end of life as all these enormous glass buildings that we've been collecting over a lifetime approaching the wall.

When we hit the wall and the point of view ceases to exist, memory exists. Memory is all of time and space. Everything is already in memory. In fact the ONLY thing that keeps us from experiencing time and space now is the esistence of our point of view. Once our point is extinguished awareness is no longer restricted. You become the time and space that already exists.

Notice how we never went beyond the wall yet we become all time and space. Memory allows the point of view in time and space to transition to become time and space. Afterlife is identical to the Big Bang that started our universe. It is where one point in time and space becomes all of time and space.

Afterlife is the transition from a point of view within time and space to all of time and space.

Jesus wasn't kidding when he said he was the Son of God. He did not mean that he would spend an eternity as the Son of God. He meant he was the son of God and as the son he would some day become the Father. It was his way of saying that through death he would become God. He was saying he would become time and space. He called memory the Kingdom of Heaven. It is an accurate description. He also said that EVERYONE would become God, not just him. Do you see why he was such a threat to the Roman authorities?

He knew. I know. Now you know. Embrace it.

PS. There are five independent proofs on this site that make up the Theory Of Afterlife. The site is all inclusive. Everything you need to understand afterlife is here. All physical evidence such as near death experience supports this theory. It's time end to this notion that afterlife can't be proven. It can and it is. Right here, right now.