True Proof of Afterlife - Memory Is Awareness Of Another Dimension

Great thinkers throughout history have wondered what happens when you die. What if I told you there is a simple equation that proves afterlife? Wouldn't if be a benefit to know what happens when you die ahead of time? If I told you, "this multiplied by this, equals that", and you could see it is true, wouldn't that help? If you knew what would happen ahead of time, you could prepare now and make your afterlife the best it could possibly be. It is important because afterlife is an eternity. Making it great is the most important thing you should be doing right now.

To the skeptics I would say this. It's all here on the site. I am giving this knowledge freely and openly. Nothing is withheld. Like I said, afterlife is an eternity. It is in your best interest to learn about it before it happens. That way you can live life with purpose and enlightenment.

I have to disclose the truth. Proof Of Afterlife was born while in an altered state of consciousness. I do not mean that I am in an altered state of consciousness. I mean that I was in an altered state of consciousness when I saw afterlife and developed an equation to explain it. When the altered state of conscious was over, the equation remained. That equation is revealed here on the site.

There are only a few ways to enter an altered state of consciousness. One is severe injury resulting in Out Of Body Experience or OBE. The other is Near Death Experience or NDE. The third is a hallucinogenic drug such as Lysergic Acid or Ergot Bread Mold.

I saw afterlife from an altered perspective state. You simply cannot see afterlife any other way. It is not possible to know what is outside a room until you have been outside the room. The Internet is full of books and essays from people building logical theories from inside the room that they have always been in. I was eighteen when I first saw afterlife.

Imagine being eighteen years old having just seen afterlife. You want to show people for the betterment of mankind. It is an easy solution. Just gather a group of people at a religious meeting. Then give them something to induce an altered state. Now you are not telling them about afterlife. You are showing them afterlife. What could be more profound than that? It is a practical thought. However it is highly illegal. There are many, many cases where people do not return mentally balanced after these experiences. I decided not to do this. The reason is because knowledge of afterlife is not contingent on an altered state. The theory holds true. It stands on its own.

My goal was to bring back the truth from the experience. I did this first by seeing afterlife by accident at a party with friends. I did it a second time by taking pencil and paper, while high, and writing down the proof. I did it a third time by having a tape recorder while high and recording the proof (excerpts from that tape are included in Proof Of Afterlife By Memory). It was a wild and dangerous idea but it worked. After three altered states I had a viable proof. A proof that takes the form of this equals that. That proof is here on the site.

Since these early days I've wanted to teach people what happens at the end of life. I haven't given up. The competition in the afterlife space is fierce. Everyone has a theory. I'm buried on Google by other people's content. Their search algorithm lacks the artificial intelligence to differentiate the true answer from the background noise. There is nothing I can do about that.

The stakes are high now. I'm approaching 70. Realistically I have 20 to 30 years left. We have 77 people a day viewing the site. That's not enough. We've been on the web for nine years. I believe there is a reason Proof Of Afterlife is coming out now. Global warming is real. It is my hope that through enlightenment we can get off fossil fuels and get onto clean energy to save the planet. Like Professor Hawking said, if you don't believe in global warming, take a look at Venus. It is 1700 degrees there. We need clean energy now. So go to the top, click menu, then go to Proof Of Afterlife By Awareness and start reading.