Proof of Afterlife

Steve Jobs said, "Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life. LSD shows you that there's another side to the coin, and you can't remember it when it wears off, but you know it."

Steve Jobs and I grew up in the same era. We shared the common LSD experience. When I read this quote two questions come to mind. The first is: what exactly is the other side of the coin? The second is: why, after all these years, has no one remembered what the other side of the coin is?

The other side of the coin is afterlife. People like Steve Jobs and myself who took LSD saw afterlife. You forget it only seconds after seeing it. That's just how LSD works.

Steve Jobs was born on February 4, 1955. He was four years younger than me. He grew up in California. I grew up in Michigan. He has stated that he grew up in a magical time. I concur. Some call it a period of enlightenment. For him, on the west coast, this period arrived around 1964 and lasted about five years. For me, in the middle of the country, it arrived a little later around 1968.

As Steve states in his quote above, LSD was a profound experience. During that brief time in America LSD was readily available. You could find it among your friends. It was on the streets. A lot of people took it. It was a fairly common thing to do in those days.

Steve Jobs did it. So did I. Most, but not all, of my friends did it. LSD was not like any other drug. It was, as Steve said, profound. That means that when you took it something happened to you that changed you forever. During the 1960s those that had taken LSD loosely banded together into a subculture. It was called the hippie movement. At the basis of the movement was the mysticism engendered by LSD's powerful effects. As users we saw ourselves as enlightened. There were a lot of us. We were different. The difference was real.

The peak of this period of enlightenment was the Woodstock music festival on August 15 to 18, 1969. To those of us in the movement Woodstock was a gathering of 400,000 like-minded people. By like-minded people I mean people who had taken LSD and experienced the other side of the coin as Steve liked to refer to it.

What Is The Other Side Of The Coin?

The other side of the coin is afterlife. When Steve Jobs said you experience the other side of the coin he meant you experience the other, hidden side of life. By taking LSD you see afterlife. It only lasts a second but for that second you can see it clear as day. Only a moment after seeing it you can't remember it. You can't remember the event but it doesn't matter. Seeing afterlife enlightens you even if you can't remember it specifically.

Woodstock 1969 was a gathering of 400,000 enlightened people. Those who had seen afterlife got together for a weekend. The result was an outpouring of love for one another. Woodstock was an historic event. The people at Woodstock felt the commonality of having seen afterlife. They didn't know that was their commonality.  They couldn't remember seeing afterlife. But they felt it. Having seen afterlife through LSD was the common bond that brought this group together. The bonds were palpable. It was a close-knit group.

This age of enlightenment didn't last long. Woodstock woke the world at large up to the power of the movement. By the 1970s government controls and law enforcement had drastically reduced the availability of LSD. It was taken off the streets. The chemicals to produce LSD were placed under tight surveillance. Within a few years the age of enlightenment was over. However there was that brief window in history when millions of people saw afterlife. As soon as it arrived, it was over.

Why Can't The Other Side Of The Coin Be Remembered?

Woodstock expected about 25,000 attendees. By Sunday there were 400,000. Of the 400,000 in attendance probably half had experienced LSD in the past. For every one of those there were probably 100 others who had taken it but did not attend, like myself. That means that in August 1969 there were around 20 million people that had taken LSD, seen afterlife, and did not remember it.

That's not quite true. There was one person that did remember it. Me. I am the only one. I know because it has been fifty years. In all that time no one has come up with what you will read here on this site. There was no magic involved. It was purely mechanical. I did it simply by taking a pencil and paper with me when I took LSD. I followed that up with a tape recorder the second time I took LSD. It was low-tech but it worked.

The pencil and paper worked beautifully. When the effects wore off I had a sketch of a pyramid. I had also written two statements. The first was: Memory and dimension work together and that's why things become more complicated. The second was: Good things come in small packages.

So I had my pyramid and two statements but I didn't know what they meant. The next time I did LSD I brought along a tape recorder. I sat in a room, alone, and talked into the tape recording while experiencing LSD. When it was over I spent months going over the tape line-by-line trying to understand what had happened. That is where the insight happened. By going through each line I was able to understand that you forget seeing afterlife in a matter of seconds. During those brief seconds I was able to describe what I saw. It went down on tape. Seeing afterlife was fleeting but with the help of a tape recorder I captured it.

We all have a destiny. Steve Jobs' destiny was to be the greatest inventor of modern times, perhaps of all time. My destiny was to prove afterlife without drugs. That is my job. It is not enough to prove afterlife. That has been done before. The harder goal is to prove afterlife without drugs. That is what we are here to do.

I have seen the other side of the coin. I have developed a theory. I have brought it back for civilization to share. My goal is for you to attain enlightenment without using of drugs. It isn't the effect of LSD that is profound. It is seeing afterlife. Seeing afterlife is profound. It changes you for the better. If we can get enough people enlightened maybe we can change the world. The movement in 1969 failed because it was dependent on LSD. This site will show you afterlife without LSD. The world needs changing. There are no enlightened climate change deniers. Become enlightened. Get your friends to become enlightened. Time is running out. Everyone knows it.