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Proof of Afterlife Can't Take It Anymore

As the person who knows what happens at the end of life I have to tell you, "I can't take it anymore." We just had a situation in the United States where a person brutally murdered another person. It was proven in court they basically just opened up in a furious attack of rage and killed the other person. It was proven. There was no doubt about it.

Then, six months later, they had a second trial to determine the punishment for the murder. Do you know what the punishment is? The punishment is the good people of the United States will now have to support the murderer for the rest of her life. She doesn't have to work. She gets free meals. She gets to engage in relationships. She gets to build her social Internet profile. She is now a celebrity. Does that sound like punishment to you?

Here is where Proof of Afterlife comes in. I am in the position of knowing what happens at the end of life and I'm here to tell you, things aren't looking good for this little girl. If she had any sense at all she'd spend the rest of her days getting ready for what's up ahead. It doesn't matter what the courts say. It doesn't matter what public opinion is. It doesn't matter what your support system is telling you. The only thing that matters is what looms up ahead.

Don't get confused by what is happening here on earth. Here on earth the murder was an event. You can look back and think, "boy, that was a tight spot." Well guess what? It's not over. That event lies up ahead of you. Only this time there's a difference. Here on earth an event passes. In afterlife it doesn't. What that means is you will be living in that moment forever. Think about the ramifications of that. You're not going to pass through it. You're going to dwell within it. Once more you're going to see it from all angles, not just one. You are going to be stuck with this event permanently and pervasively.

There is no punishment here on earth that can approach this in severity. What we do here now is setting us up for an eternity. The things we do now will be around forever. When they say there is a Day of Judgment coming they are not kidding.

What I read in the news the world is spinning out of control. Individuals are committing ugly acts with an eye toward becoming famous. The fame they seek doesn't happen now. The fame they seek happens in afterlife. That is when each person becomes famous and important beyond his or her wildest dreams. It takes patience but you have to wait. You are not going to manifest afterlife-type stature here on earth. We all know it is there. It is frustrating not to realize your full potential. It hurts to be ignored by society. It hurts to have no stature. But we have to wait. We have to be patient. You will be rewarded. When you are rewarded your universe won't be filled with ugly actions. It will be beautiful. What you do on earth has to be measured in terms of an eternity. An eternity is what you are working with.

What I see - as the one who knows about afterlife - is people acting out in a manner to attempt to manifest their greatest while here on earth. Many times they adapt an "end justifies the means" attitude where fellow man becomes nothing more than fodder to their goals. To make matters worse, the news media rushes these perpetrators right to the main head on the first page. So in terms of what's happening here on earth, the master plan is working. Ugly deeds equal front-page news. Front-page news equals personal recognition and greatness.

It's catching on. Right now there seems to be an arms race so see who can do the most heinous acts. They're always accompanied with You Tube video to make sure they get primary placement on CNN. Everyone else be damned. This is about my personal greatness and I will do whatever is necessary to see to it that I become famous.

Not so fast. Your bad deeds will come back to you. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "I lived through it once, I can live through it again." What's the big deal right? Well guest what? You're looking at it from the perspective of a living person. In afterlife you're not living anymore. There is no living through it. It's permanent. There is no point A to point B to point C. That's life here on earth. In afterlife it's the entire space. It's all points. What that means is you are stuck living with the bad deed in perpetuity. Let me put it like this. Take you're bad deed and replay it a thousand times. Think of that moment lasting days, not one moment. Not pretty. Now take it and expand it throughout all time. Are you getting the picture? You will never get past it. You will never get around it. You are stuck in that moment.

It gets worse. Not only are you forced to view it from all time you're also forced to view it from all vantage points within the space. It's like you taped the event with a thousand cameras throughout the space. You think you have to live through the event again? Think again. This is the universe that you built for yourself.

I know what happens at the end of life and I can't take it anymore. Forget about being great now. It's not going to happen. The greatness we all long for happens at the end of life. You will be paid off in spades but in the meantime you have to stay patient. Weigh what you do in terms of afterlife. Doing ugly things to manifest greatness while here on earth builds an ugly afterlife. Something that lasts an eternity is infinitely more important than something that lasts a moment. Life is fleeting. Afterlife is permanent. Build a beautiful universe while here on earth. Above all say patient. The reward, and the punishment, lies up ahead. What we do now is magnified thousands of times later. If what you do is good, it's magnified. If what you do it bad, it's magnified too. The point is: do it with forethought. Build the universe you want to live within. Forget this bad-deed-to-become-famous mentality. It leads to a dark, dark eternity. If you're looking for eternal damnation that's pretty much it.

I. I Have The Answer And I Need Your Help

They say afterlife cannot be proven. Nonsense! Afterlife is proven by geometry. The equation is less than one inch long. The first thing to understand is that your memory is your surrounding space. This isn't a revelation. It's obvious if you think about it. You are surrounded by your memory and nothing exists outside of it.

The second thing to realize is that life exists in the present. That isn't a revelation either. The present is a moment in time. Conscious awareness exists in a point in time.

Think about the geometry here. We've got memory with respect to space and we've got conscious awareness with respect to time. The theory of afterlife shows you how to understand memory and conscious awareness in both time and space. Memory is surrounding space. Awareness is a point at the center of that space. Memory also has depth in time although we don't see that during our lifetime. The point/space relationship between consciousness awareness and memory with respect to both time and space proves afterlife.

Here's the proof in a nutshell: during life we exist as a point in time and space. The moment that point ceases to exist we become all of time and space. That's not that hard to understand.

This is what will happen at the end of your life. Life doesn't end. It changes dimension from point to space. I need your help. This site has been on the Internet for three years. I can't get the material published because I'm not a professor, famous, or rich. I can't get Google to list it because I don't have back-links. Link to this site. Help get this site into the public eye.

I am not a young man anymore. If we don't get some recognition soon only two things will happen:

1. My life will end without any recognition of this theory. Don't assume that just because the message is correct that it will be heard. That's not true. This isn't the movies and chances are good this will go unnoticed. That would be a travesty because if anyone reads what is here on the site they will realize that afterlife is proven beyond any shadow of a doubt. That is without factoring in the evidence of near death experience which aligns perfectly with these teachings.

2. Someone else will claim this material as their own in spite of it being copy written over five years ago (see footer).

I am a great teacher. This material should be taught. It should be taught by the author, not some third party. A few mentions on sites and/or blogs and we'll emerge from the background. I can't get through the clutter. If you are in the media, read, and give us a mention on a major site.

II. Theory of Afterlife Abstract

Theory Of Afterlife is organized into seven sections. You can access each section by clicking the corresponding tab above. Each of the five proofs is an independent proof requiring no information from the others. They all lead to the same conclusion however. It is important to approach afterlife from these five perspectives to provide a full and complete picture of how afterlife works:

1. Introduction provides an overview of the theory, orienting the reader to the concept of memory and how it works in life and again in afterlife.

2. Proof By Birth looks at the mathematical formula of being born at the beginning of life. Then it takes that same mathematical formula and applies it again at the end of life. Finally it proves afterlife by defining what happens to life when it goes through the same mathematical change that occurred at birth.

3. Proof By Awareness shows how the human mind operates in diminished capacity during life. Then it shows how awareness could possibly open up. Finally it proves afterlife by defining what happens when awareness opens up to its fullest extent.

4. Proof By Memory shows how the human mind absorbs reality into the mind by comparing it to a digital camera absorbing a scene. Then it shows how these scenes are filed away in long term memory. Then it shows how awareness is free to jump around in time within memory. Finally it proves afterlife by showing how awareness could conceivably open up throughout time.

5. Proof By Information draws a comparison between memory in a computer and memory in the mind. We show how memory is built from logic gates and how information can be stored in a matrix. Then it draws a comparison between a computer processor and awareness. Finally it proves afterlife by showing how memory is unaffected when power is turned off.

6. Proof By Geometry uses the concept of Euclidean Geometry to explain the relationship between awareness and memory. We use a pyramid to show how memory and awareness are inverses of each other. It uses the geometric definitions of point, space, and time to create a picture of life. Finally it proves afterlife by creating a visual illustration of what happens at the end of life.

7. Conclusion provides three verifiable test cases that provide evidence for this theory. These evidential cases are Hyperthymestic Syndrome, Out Of Body Experience (OBE), and Near Death Experience (NDE). While the theory does not require evidence for proof, it is important to see these things exist in our environment.

The General Theory Of Afterlife is an illustrated piece. There are over 50 illustrations to clarify each major point. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I have made every effort to present this theory factually without imposing my personal feelings. It is just a different way of looking at the human experience. I hope that it is received with the same love and respect that is offered.

III. How Reality Is Memory

Reality and memory are tied together. To explain what I mean let me ask this question:

What do you think is the outer limit of the space around you?

Immediately we conjure up thoughts of outer space, stars, and the ever-expanding universe. We think of the outer limits of space as the universe around us all. We look to the outside world to find the answer to the outer limits of space.

Looking out into the environment to find the outer limit of space is correct, however there is another way to see it:

The outer limit of the space around you is your memory.

What a ridiculous statement! How can this possibly be true? What does memory have to do with surrounding space?

Before dismissing the concept of surrounding space as memory, let me explain this further. We humans see reality and memory as two completely different things. The conventional way to view reality and memory is as follows:

1. Reality is the outside world. It is the world we live in.

2. Memory is inside our mind. Memory is our thoughts that exist inside us.

The conclusion is that reality is outside and memory is inside. That is our conventional view of life.

I want to question that basic concept of life with this idea:

What if memory extends forward in time up to and including the present moment?

This diagram below illustrates what I mean.

time-space continuum

Shown above is your personal time-space continuum. This represents the space around you now and the space that has been around you in the past. You personal space began the moment your life began. It continues from that initial point in time to the present. The box shown above represents all the environments you have experienced throughout your lifetime.

On the left side of your time-space continuum is the present. That is the moment now. This is the leading edge of time. It is the environment around you at this moment. It is the moment you are living in currently.

Now think about the environment that was around you five minutes ago. This gives us two distinct moments to consider:

1. Now - the present moment.
2. The memory of a moment five minutes ago.

The first moment is reality and the second moment is memory. The two moments in time are fundamentally different. One is in the present and one is in the past as shown here:

memory and reality

Understanding The General Theory Of Afterlife requires seeing things in a new way. Part of that understanding is the concept of memory. Imagine, for example, that these two moments are equal and it is our position in time that makes them appear different.

Consider the illustration above. It shows two spheres representing space:

1. The sphere on the left represents reality (now).
2. The sphere on the right represents reality of a moment that occurred five minutes ago.

Assume for the sake of argument that the two moments are equal. The only difference is our awareness is located in the first moment (reality) and not in the second moment (five minutes ago). This means difference between the two moments could be perspective and nothing more. The two moments could possibly be the exact same thing viewed from two different points of view in time.

If this were true it would mean that memory extends from the past up to and including the present moment.

When you look inward as far as you can you eventually reach your point of view. Your point of view is the center of your universe. Our point of view is our awareness. Awareness emanates from the exact center of the universe. .

The exact center of your universe is your awareness.

Ridiculous! How can that be? How can you consider conscious awareness to be the center of the universe? How can awareness be the limit of smallness?

Return to our time-space continuum diagram above. Look at the red dot on the left, leading edge of the time-space continuum. That is you. Like the red dot sitting on the leading edge of your time-space continuum, you exist in the present. Your existence is within the present and in the center of your universe.

In terms of time awareness exists in the present. You have been alive since the beginning of your life. That distance in time, from the beginning of life to the present, represents your life span. In terms of geometry, your life span is like a line. It starts at conception and continues to the present. Your awareness emanates from a point along that line. Awareness exists in the present at the leading edge of that line.

Awareness is position within time.

In terms of space awareness sits at the center of the universe. Awareness is your position with the space is you. Like the red dot in the diagram, you exist at the center of your universe.

How much space does your point of view take up? What is the size of it? Is awareness a fuzzy cloud? Is there distance across awareness? Can this distance be measured?

Awareness is position within space.

Consider awareness in terms of both space and time. In terms of time awareness exists at a point of time. In terms of space awareness exists at a location. Awareness embodies the geometric definition of a point.  A point has no length, width, depth, or duration yet it exists. Awareness is position within both time and space.

So as you look into the microscope inward as far as you can you will arrive your awareness. Awareness is the center of your universe and the exact definition of a point within space and time.

VI. Life Is Unseen Memory And Seen Awareness

Life exists between awareness and memory. When we look inward through a microscope we look closer and closer until we arrive at awareness. When you look outward through a telescope we look out further and further until we arrive at memory as shown here:

time space continuum

Explaining memory and awareness in geometrical terms is not semantics. Defining awareness as position is not conjecture. Defining memory as the universe is not conjecture either. When you look at life as a point of awareness surrounded by a universe of memory certain mathematical relationships become clear.

This site includes a theory of afterlife proved in five different ways. Two things differentiate this theory of afterlife. I hope as you work with this material you will understand afterlife. You can draw your own conclusions about how this fits into your concept of life.

Do not attempt to read this site in one sitting. It is too different to comprehend easily. This is an new understanding of life. It takes time to reduce the emphasis on the physical world and bring up the emphasis on memory. Read each of the five sections one at a time until you understand it. Although this theory is simple, it takes time to get familiar with these different concepts. As you internalize these concepts you will see how beautifully everything fits together.