The True Proof of Afterlife

This explanation of afterlife differs from the others in one important way. It is a mathematical proof.

A proof is a mathematical equation that makes a connection between two seemingly different quantities bringing new meaning to both. The most famous equation was by Albert Einstein. It was his equation the connected mass to energy. It took the form of energy is equal to mass multiple by the speed of light squared.

This single equation brought to light the connection between energy and mass. Using a mathematical equation Einstein proved energy and mass were related. This equation gave rise to a new understanding of the universe.

In like manner, proof of afterlife uses a similar mathematical equation to make the connection between two dissimilar quantities. One is memory. The other is conscious awareness. Proof of afterlife makes the connection between the two with this simple equation: memory is conscious awareness of another dimension.

That simple equation solves the mystery of afterlife. This site explains the ramifications of this proof in many ways. All the details of the site however are based upon this single mathematical formula - that memory is awareness of another dimension.

The more you look into it, the more you'll know it is true.