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Proof of Afterlife Has Good News To Report

Last week the Internet's most respected search engine DMOZ decided to put "Proof of Afterlife" into their index. A search at DMOZ for "proof of afterlife" now comes back with the following entry,

"Afterlife Proof - One man's theory, presenting life as a geometric concept."

This may seem insignificant but from the author's perspective I am delighted. We received our US Copyright in 2009 and this is the first time any editor so much as glanced at this theory. He looked at it. I can tell by the response. He got it right. It's not an endorsement but it's a start. I am over the moon that an editor has looked at the site and decided to include it in their listing. We are proud and grateful to be part of DMOZ. Yes, it is "one man's theory" but it happens to be correct.

The law of memory and dimension states: your memory is your awareness of another dimension. Vice versa, your awareness is your memory of another dimension. Awareness exists as a location at the center of your time and space. Memory exists as your surrounding time and space. The law of memory and dimension proves afterlife. This is the scientific breakthrough we has been waiting for. This is not a boast. It is all here on this site. If you read it (or even if you just look at the pictures) you will see how this works. This is the first time in history we have had a scientific written proof of afterlife (see the copyright below).

What Memory Is And How It Works

Understanding memory is the key to understanding the law of memory and dimension. Believing that memory fades over time is as antiquated as believing the earth is flat. One merely needs to go through this thought experiment to see what memory really is. Once you see what memory is you will see that it cannot fade over time.

Memory as a glass building

Imagine a building.

Make this a big building - one that occupies an entire city block.

The building is as tall as it is wide. It is one city block wide, deep, and tall.

Now imagine this building is made entirely out of glass.

The building has 40 floors. There are stares between floors. Those are made out of glass too.

You enter the building through the front door on the ground floor as shown above.

As you stand in the lobby you look around. You can see everywhere throughout the building. From your vantage point just inside the door on the ground floor you can see throughout the entire interior. You can see all the way to the far reaches of the top floor because everything is made of glass.

Now you go exploring. You go up five flights of stairs. You walk down the hall. You go up another six flights of stairs. You turn right and walk down the hall. You can see everywhere because everything is glass. You go up more stairs, down more hallways, and all of a sudden you are a long way from where you started.

Then you look down to the point where you entered the building. You can see it because the building is made of glass. However you are lost. You do not know how to get back to where you started. There are just too many twists and turns to remember how to get back.

view inside your memeory

Do you have this picture? Good. That glass building is your memory. Now you know what memory is.

What Awareness Is And How It Works

The glass building itself is your memory. Your current location inside the building is your awareness.

What you are experiencing - awareness getting lost within memory - is called an Out of Body Experience. It is a known phenomenon in medicine. Doctors know it exists but they don't know why. Well this is why: memory is your three dimensional surrounding space. Out of Body Experience is when awareness is displaced in memory. It gets knocked out from the center of your environment to the outer reaches of memory. It happens because it can. It doesn't happen a lot, it doesn't happen to everyone, but it does happen. It happens enough to have a medical term for it.

Interesting, but how does this prove afterlife?

1. During life you are the point of view within the building.

2. During life your memory is like the glass building. It is your unlimited physical surrounding space.

3. All the glass buildings for every moment of your life from conception to the present exist in memory. Notice I said exists. I didn't say recorded. Every moment exists exactly as it happened.

So now we are approaching the wall at the end of life. We are not approaching only as the little awareness stuck down in the corner of the big glass building. We are approaching it as a collection of big glass buildings, one for each moment of our life, held in memory.

Do you see how things have changed?

Formally we considered end of life as what will happen to the tiny point of view, alone in the universe, approaching a huge wall.

Now we consider end of life as all these enormous glass buildings that we've been collecting over a lifetime approaching the wall.

When we hit the wall and the point of view ceases to exist, memory exists and comes to the fore. Memory is all of your time and space. Everything is already in memory. In fact the ONLY thing that keeps us from experiencing time and space now is awareness. Once awareness ends the kingdom of heaven is revealed. You become the time and space that already exists.

Notice how we never went beyond the wall in time. Memory allows a transition to time and space. Afterlife is identical to the Big Bang that started our universe. It is where one point in time and space becomes all of time and space.

There are five independent thought experiments that make up the Proof Of Afterlife.

Everything you need to understand afterlife is here. All physical evidence (such as near death experience) support this theory. Afterlife will be proven right here, right now.