Introduction To Real World Evidence Of Afterlife

Theory of Afterlife states that at the end of life consciousness changes dimension. Specifically this means that consciousness goes from being a location in time and space to all of time and space. When we look for evidence to support this theory we are looking for evidence of the mind as space and time. For example we would hope to find evidence of the mind outside the body. Medical science struggles to explain someone floating above her body. This may baffle scientists but it supports memory as dimension perfectly.

evidence around us proving afterlife

On January 8, 2002 a car plowed into Leslie's vehicle in which she was riding, her chest was crushed, eight bones were broken and her heart stopped beating for three minutes. Before she was revived, she says she glimpsed the afterlife.

"My next experience was really lying on the ground outside of the car, and it was actually an out-of-body experience that I had," says Leslie, who declined to give her last name. "I was actually floating above my body, and I looked down, and I saw all these men working on this poor girl who was down below, about eight feet below me, and she was struggling."

Seven million people have reported hauntingly similar near-death experiences. (By ABC News, January 6, 2006)

Let me explain what happened from the Theory Of Afterlife perspective. During the accident the mind underwent severe trauma. At a specific moment when she was near death, her mind underwent dimensional change from point to space. This is the same transition that happens at death. After the mind had become space her consciousness was free to move about in it. The mind as space is how her consciousness was able to move to a position above the body and look down on it. Here is an illustration that shows exactly how this happens:

Seven million people have experiencd their consciousness outside their body. That is a lot of evidence supporting the theory that the mind has the ability to transition to space.

Researchers found that NDE is profound. People who had such experiences reported marked changes in their personalities. They seemed to have lost their fear of death. They became more compassionate, loving people. When people experience NDE they don't forget it. Most had excellent recall of the events. It remains in the forefront of their mind for life.

My NDE occurred 50 years ago. As luck would have it, I had a tape recorder with me and recorded the event as it happened. I was just a crazy kid but it worked. My theories are 50 years old now. At some point society has to stop writing these off as meanderings and realize that this is real. You would think after 50 years as a productive citizen you might start thinking that maybe I'm not crazy. There is no ambiguity, haze, or fog in what I am saying. I am saying that memory is consciousness of another dimension. At the end of time we transition from one to the other. In so doing we become everything - time and space. There are millions of people alive today that have caught a glimpse of this, myself included. It is time to stop looking for reasons not to believe and start paying attention to the evidence. If you look at the evidence, it is irrefutable. There are millions of people who have seen it and they are all describing the same thing. At death the mind transitions to space-time.

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