Proof of Afterlife - Where Is The Evidence?

I. Introduction To Evidence Of Afterlife

Theory of Afterlife uses the mathematical language of geometry to prove afterlife. Proof Of Afterlife asserts that at the end of life awareness transitions from point to space. This is a dimensional change that takes place in both time and space. Geometrically, awareness is a point in time and space. It has location but no dimension. At the end of life, the mind changes dimension in time space, going from the present moment to an eternity and a point of view within space to space. The mind can make this transition because of memory. Memory is surrounding space time. At the end of life, awareness becomes its exact mathematical inverse which is memory. Awareness fills memory expanding in an instant to space time.


evidence around us proving afterlife

Is there evidence to support the mind becoming space at the end of life? The answer is yes if you know where to look. The evidence for the mind becoming space is prevalent. This section explains where to look. We examine first-hand accounts from people that have caught a glimpse of afterlife. The evidence brought back by their accounts is exactly what you would expect it to be as predicted by Proof of Afterlife. We look at four test cases. These test cases are: 1) Out of body experience, 2) Near Death Experience, 3) Hyperthymesia, 4) Virtual Reality Software.

II. Four Test Cases Of Afterlife Evidence

1. Out Of Body Experience (OBE)

Out of body experience is a phenomon that happens when the mind is put under intenese stress. What happen is suddenly people find themselves outside the physical body looking down on the scene. Medical science is puzzeled by this, however Proof of Afterlife is not. Proof of Afterlife states that the mind becomes space. Hence your point of view can move out into the outside world because the outside world is memory. In other words, OBE can and does happen. It is entirely within the realm of reality. The section on OBE found here takes a deep dive into what OBE is, how it happens, and why it happens.

2. Near Death Experience (NDE)

Approximately four percent of the population have had a Near Death Experience or NDE. People that survive NDE speak about the same type of experiences. They talk about seeing a bright light, undergoing a life review, encountering loved ones, and thinking more clearly than usual. The accounts are similar. So much so that medical science has to acknowledge that NDE has some basis in fact. Extensive studies have been done, catalogging common experiences. The internesting thing is that the common characteristics of NDE are predicted by Proof of Afterlife. First hand accounts of NDE are evidence of afterlife. This is where we need to listen because these people are first hand accounts of the mind going through dimensional change to become space. They don't go through it come back, but they do get close enough to it to see it beginning to happen. This section on NDE takes a deep dive into what NDE is, how it works, and why it happens.

3. Hyperthymesia

Hyperthymesia is a condition that leads people to be able to remember an abnormally large number of their life experiences in vivid detail. It is extraordinarily rare, with only 61 people in the world having been diagnosed with the condition as of 2021.
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There are a few people in the world that have the ability to remember nearly every event of their life with immense precision. Hyperthymesia speaks to the immensity of memory. It's not that Hyperthymesic people have larger memory that we do. We all have Hyperthymesic memory. The difference between them and us is they can recall from this immense store. We cannot. In afterlife no such restriction exists. The immense store of memory contains everything - all time and space and everything is contains. The section on Hyperthymesia explains that memory is unlimited in scope for everyone, not just Hyperthymesic people.

4. Virtual Reality Software

There are aspects of virtual reality software that undeniably support proof of afterlife. The amazing thing is that proof of afterlife was conceived in 1969. At that time there were no computers, let alone virtual reality software. As the field of computers and software has progressed, it has become increasing apparent that entire realities can be created using virtual reality software. One thing virtual reality software does without question is establish the connection between memory and three dimensional space. In other words, it demonstrates a method of storing three dimensional space in memory. As three dimensional software improves the connection between three dimensional space and memory becomes more apparent. There are other aspects of three dimensional software that are equally compelling in support of proof of afterlife. This section on three dimensional software examines the aspects of it that support the mind as space and afterlife.

III. Conclusion To Afterlife Evidence

Evidence testifying for Proof OF Afterlife is evidence of the mind as space time. To find evidence we looked at out of body experience or OBE. To find that evidence we also looked at near death experience or NDE. Thousands of accounts of OBE and NDE can't be written off as happenstance because they are similar for those that have experienced it. Proof Of Afterlife predicts the mind will become space time. OBE and NDE witnesses tell us exactly what we expect. Witnesses repeatedly recount experiencing the mind as space time, such as memory flashing before our eyes, being surrounded by knowledge, and the feelings of loved ones. Real world evidence is not in conflict with proof of afterlife. On the contrary, it supports it.

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