Conclusion To Proof Of Afterlife

When you deal in afterlife as I do, you can't help but notice the accounts of Near Death Experience on the Internet. People that come close to dying are reporting back with strikingly similar accounts of what they saw. They talk about being detached from their body, feeling serenity, warmth, and a presence of a light. Yet in light of the thousands of first hand accounts, medical people often regard these accounts as a "disturbed multisensory integration that occurs during life threatening events." In other words, they explain away these accounts as a neural storm of some sort. This is no neural storm. These accounts are real.

During the 1990's I had an older man named Bill that worked for me in the computer business. Bill was a great artist. He was from the pre-digital era. He had spent the bulk of his career on a draft board.

In the computer world, we work a little differently. When you begin a project you typically create a folder and put it on your desktop. A folder, on a computer, can be thought of as a container. As you create files for the job you put them in that folder. When you double click the folder to open it, everything you have created is there. Everything is inside the folder.

When creating artwork for multimedia, it is customary to create a folder inside the job folder. Many artwork jobs have images. It is customary to create an images folder, within the jobs folder. Then you put all your images in the images folder. This keeps everything neat and organized.

Let's say you are designing a main page for a web site. The first thing your do is create all your images for the page. This would include header art, buttons, images for the page, etc. Then you place all these images into the images folder, inside the job folder.

Then you begin designing the page. The file, call it index.html for example, exists in the job folder, outside the images folder. As you design your page, you call images from the images folder and place them on your main page. You arrange everything, write your text, and generally finish the page.

Then you move the page to the web. When you move it, you have to duplicate the directory structure on the web, exactly like your desktop. You open the job folder first. Then you create the images folder inside the jobs folder. Then you move the files into the correct folder.

This is where Bill had some difficultly. He was from the generation that worked on paper. There were no folders. The idea of a folder, inside another folder, was difficult for him. From the perspective of the main file index.html, the images are down below in an images folder. From the perspective of an image, index.html was up above, outside of the folder. It was this vertically of folders that he found different.

Medical professionals are like Bill. They don't understand the verticality of folders. Their folder is the dimension they are in. The idea of going "up and out" seems foreign to them. So they do what comes natural. They try to explain everything in terms of being totally within their folder. They see the world as flat. Bill tried to work a computer as though it was flat. He felt every file was on the same level. Medical professionals attempt to explain afterlife as though life is flat. That is why they brush off valuable, first hand accounts of afterlife as a neural storm.

What they do not understand is dimension. Afterlife cannot be explained without it. Attempts to explain NDE accounts without dimensional leads to this false conclusion of neural storms in the brain. To understand afterlife properly, you have to going "up and out" with dimension.

The mind changes dimension at death. It does this by going from a point at the center of the environment, to the entire environment. Likewise, it goes from a point in time at the present, to an eternity. To the person, it can be though of as the mind backing up (enlarging) from a point to space, and from a moment to eternity. When you understand death as the mind changing dimension, these NDE accounts make sense. These people are not delusional. Their descriptions are lucid and accurate. They make perfect sense. What you hear, when you read these accounts, are people describing backing up in their mind to become all time and space.

Bill was a great artist. He was like a painter that created masterpieces on canvas. Folders were not easy for him to understand. Similarly these are great physicians. They work miracles on the sick. Dimensional change is not for them to understand. It is not so much they do not accept it. It is more like they don't understand it.

To those of us who do understand dimensional change, NDE accounts are exactly what you would expect to see. When you read them, everything falls into place.

When you talk about near death experience there are two types of dimensional change that can take place. One is the dimensional change within the environment while staying in the present. During this first type of dimensional change conscious awareness continues traveling in time. This type of dimensional change involves space but not time. You can experience and not die. It is known as an out of body experience.

The second type of dimensional change is all inclusive. This type dimensional change involves a change in both space and time. You do not come back from this because it involves the stoppage of time. At the moment this dimensional change takes place, the moment you are in expands to become an eternity. To the person going through it, you experience all time.

Physicians do not understand this. They assume that all life goes forward in time in the same dimension they are in. It doesn't. It stops, explodes, and becomes all time. Dimensional change of the mind is a scientific breakthrough. To us, it is a simple theory that explains everything.

Afterlife, What Will It Be Like Emotionally?

Far be it from me to discount these near death experiences (NDE). On the contrary, I see them as gifts from God. I know life doesn't end at death. It does the opposite. It expands. That's what I see when I read NDE accounts. I see first hand accounts of the mind opening, not closing.

As Theory Of Afterlife has taught us, there are two kinds of dimensional change. The first kind is minor. The second is all inclusive. Accounts of NDE are descriptions of the first type of dimensional change. They can be thought of as a glimpse of the all inclusive dimensional change. Most NDE accounts talk of a point of no return. They talk of a barrier or border where they cannot cross and return home. In many cases it is a conscious decision of whether or not to return. That barrier is all inclusive dimensional change. When awareness transitions in four dimensions (from point in time and space, to all time space) afterlife is manifested. Many people report that they did not want to return because they were overwhelmed with joy, love, and peace.

During dimensional change, awaiting all inclusive dimensional change, you will experience being out of your body. People report being outside their physical body, but still in the immediate environment. They may see medical resuscitation efforts on their body from above. There is a feeing clairvoyance involved. The mind has expanded to become as large as the environment. The mind is no longer confined to the center. Our awareness/memory model proves this to be true.

People commonly report greater awareness. They report receiving unlimited knowledge, very clear thoughts, and being hyper lucid. Thought expands, senses feel more vivid, and there is a sudden insight. When your mind transitions from a point to space, you can feel it open. I describe this as backing up in your mind. Your mind is no longer a point of view. It is now the entire environment. There is unlimited knowledge coming at you.

People in this state report sudden overwhelming feelings of love. It is described as peace, love, ecstasy, happiness, and acceptance. People report being met by others from throughout their life, especially loved ones. They can talk with them. They feel intense feelings of love and acceptance. There is a sense of harmony with the universe. They feel at one with the universe. They feel peace, love, and ecstasy. It is overwhelming.

You will also experience a life in review. People see scenes from their past. While in this state, the mind opens to reveal the true nature of memory. Many describe this as going through a life review in detail. They describe a panoramic view of past events including the emotions they felt at the time. You will know that during life you experienced things from a single point of perspective. Now you are seeing things in total. You see your entire memory for the first time. You will discover that in memory all things exist. Your entire time and space exist. Worldly measurements of life are neither valid nor necessary.

This is as far as you can go and still live. If you decide to go further, you will have passed the point of no return. This is where you encounter the light. Many people describe this as moving through darkness toward a brilliant light. The light is alive, intelligent, and powerful. If you decide to move toward the light you are on the precipice of all inclusive dimensional change. The light you are experiencing is GOD. As you move into the light you and GOD become one. This is where your mind expands throughout time and space. Feelings of awareness, clairvoyance, knowledge, understanding, love, peace, joy, pleasantness, wellbeing, unconditional acceptance, harmony, and painlessness expand infinitely.

Now you and GOD are one. Everyone is there.

That is what happens. Count on it.