The Second Proof: Proof Of Afterlife By Birth

It was the fall of 1969, about three weeks after the first proof. In discovering Proof Of Afterlife By Awareness, I learned how an increase in complications could lead to proof of afterlife. When awareness opens, as it did during the party in proof one, the result is an increase in confusion. Confusion is brought about by awareness opening to bring in more information than it normally does.

This second proof, Proof Of Afterlife By Birth, follows directly from that opening of awareness concept. During that party I saw awareness is more going on in life than we see. Following closely was the concept that life my not shut down at death. On the contrary, it may open up.

initial spark of life at conception

I was raised in a traditional American catholic family. We were taught about Jesus and the kingdom of heaven. I wasn't devotedly religious, but I did believe in the basic teachings of heaven. My understanding was if you led a good life you would be rewarded by going to heaven when you die. I believed was there was a single, all encompassing God that oversaw everything. I believed Heaven was a magnificent place. This is what I believed in from an early age.

These teachings came from catechism. Catechism is weekly classes that we attended as part of the Catholic faith. It was in catechism that I formed my basic afterlife belief system. The belief was that God is all seeing, all knowing, and all around us at all times. It included belief that we ascend to heaven at the end of life. Over all of this was a belief that God is good. Going to heaven was a reward for living a good life.

My belief system as a young man (about 10 years old) was severely tested. As I became a teenager, the "God is good" part gave me pause. Like so many American families in the 1950's, we were ravaged by alcohol. My father was intelligent, hard working, devote, but addicted to drinking. The drinking started when I was about five years old. Alcoholism got worse over the decades. The abuse suffered by children of alcoholics is severe. I was no different. As the disease progressed the abuse got worse.

I was conflicted. On the one hand I had been taught that God is all seeing, all knowing, and watching over us. On the other hand I saw what appeared to be an intelligent man willfully taking a substance that caused him to be abusive to his family. I my young mind I struggled to find God's plan in all of this. When you witness someone destroy everything that is good in life by insisting on drinking every day, it wears you down.

Finally at sixteen I concluded there couldn't possibly be a God. People get sick. I understand that. But this was self-inflicted. No matter how ugly my father was toward us, he would get up the next day and do it all over again.

I can't blame catechism. They were doing there best to impart the catholic ideology. Everything they taught - God is all knowing, all seeing, and good - is correct for most people. Children of alcoholics are different. We are decidedly pessimistic. Adult children of alcoholics know how bad things can get. There is no limit to the black hole you can descend into.

The faith, that was so strong, eroded slowly over the years. Finally, at the age of 16, it collapsed. No God can possibly condone this, I reasoned. The only conclusion I could draw, based on the facts at hand, was there were no God, no heaven, and no afterlife.

At 16 I became a stone cold atheist. Nothing I witnessed allowed me to think any differently. I suppose the association between God and my father was responsible for this. When my father was drinking he hated his own son. He drank six days a week. That is a lot of hatred in the environment. The conclusion I drew was there couldn't possibly be a God. My faith in God crashed and burned. It was total capitulation.

Out of those ashes a phoenix arose. I wasn't looking for it, but I saw it. I experienced first hand that the mind could open. I thought life was all there was. I found out differently. When you are sitting in a room, listening to two conversions simultaneously, and the environment becomes hopelessly confusing - then you know. I knew, for the first time, we go through life in an unopened state. When I got a glimpse of the open state, albeit briefly, I knew we are sitting on a powder keg. Life, at any moment, can explode. The mind is not ever going down. It is going up.

In the days and weeks after the party I began thinking of this opening of the mind that happens at the end of life. Soon I began to think about how that relates to the beginning of life. There was an opening of life there too.

Could it be that the beginning of life (conception) and the end of life (death) are exactly the same event? Conceptually it makes sense. These two events, conception and death, are an opening of life. Both take place in an instant. Here is the second proof, Proof Of Afterlife By Birth. It is built upon the belief that conception and death are the same event. The only difference is our orientation. We look back at conception. We look forward to death. Other than orientation, they are the same. Here is how it works.

I. Birth: The Beginning Of Life

1. Solving For The Unknown

Birth, within the context of this discussion, is the spark of life that occurs at the beginning of life. I am talking about the first moment of life. Birth, in the context of this discussion, is conception.

Birth is the exact moment in time when a cell becomes imbued with life and begins to grow.

The important concept is that life is binary. It has two states. It is either on or it is off. It is like a computer bit in that regard. Birth is the moment in time and position in space where life turns on. It happens at conception. That is when life goes from off to on. Life remains on from that moment until the end of life. At that moment life turns off. At least that is what we see.

Solving for afterlife is a matter of looking at what we have and solving for what is missing. Shown below is a life, what we know, and what we do not know:

birth, death, what we can see

Put yourself in place of the person in the illustration. Here we are in life located in between birth and death on a time line. From our position between birth and death we can see the output side of birth and we can see the input side of death.

What we cannot see is the output side of death. This lies outside our view. From our perspective between birth and death we cannot see this.

Our problem is to solve for output side of death. The output side of death is the unknown quantity. This section will prove what lies on the other side of death.

2. The Moment Of Birth

First, understand what I mean by birth. For this discussion I am not talking about childbirth. I am talking about the spark of life that occurs at the beginning of life. I am talking about the moment of conception. Conception the exact moment in time when life begins.

For the duration of this discussion, we are referring to conception, not birth by mother. That takes place nine months after the birth I am talking about. It is critically important to differentiate between birth and conception. Within this context we are talking about conception. Conception is the moment when life turns on.

I want to step away from the physical being and think about just life. I am not talking about the manifestation of life. I am talking about life itself. At conception you have a change in life that takes place. This change is from not having life to having life. A moment before this change there was no life. A moment after this change, there is life. The change took place in a single moment in time as shown below.

the moment of brith when life begins

Life began at a moment in time. Conception was not something that took place over a duration of time. Conception was a spark. It was a quantum change, from nothing to life, that took place in an instant. In computer parlance, life went from 0 to 1. It went from off to on. This transition took place in a moment.

Conception is an event that takes place at the moment in time when life begins.

3. Life Described In Geometric Terms

To be able to solve for afterlife we have to define life first. A firm understanding of life is a requirement. To quantify life, consider the geometrical definition of a point:

1. A geometric point has no height, no width, and no depth.
2. A geometric point has no dimension.
3. Yet a geometric point exists.
4. A geometric point has position in the universe.

You cannot see a point. It is too small. You cannot measure a point. It has no dimension. Yet it exists. It has position. A point exists at a location in the universe. It exists within space.

Now consider life...

Life has exact properties of a geometric point as follows:

1. Life has no height, width, or depth.
2. Life has no physical dimension.
3. Yet life exists.
4. Life exists at a position in the universe.

You cannot measure life because it has no dimension. Yet, life exists. Life has position in both space and time. It exists at a location. We see manifestations of life. We know it exists.

The properties of a geometric point and life are the same.

4. The Moment When Life Begins

Look at the diagram of the beginning of life below. Look at the spark of life - the specific point in time and space where life begins. Before that moment, at the left side of the plane, there was no life. After that moment, on the right side of the plane, there is life. Life can be traced back to one point in time and space where our life began.

point in time and space when life begins

In geometric terms life began at a specific moment in time and a specific point in space. Life began at a location within time and space, then moved forward in time and through space from that point. Life did not come into being as a built up over time. Life came into being as a spark. One moment life was not there. The next moment it was.

Looking at conception in geometric terms, life exists at a point within time and space. This geometry sets the stage for the illustration that follows.

II. Analogy Of The Birth Machine

1. Constructing A Birth Machine

Life exists after conception. Life did not exist before conception. At the moment of conception something happened. When the spark of life occurred, we have life when before we had nothing. After conception you have an existence emanating from a location within time and space. This existence has position. It exists in both time and space. The transition from nothing to existence took place in an instant.

Imagine building a machine that creates life as shown below. The machine is capable of conceiving life. It can create life from nothing in a single moment in time. We do not care about what is in the machine or how it works. All we care about is what goes in the machine, what comes out of the machine, and how long it takes. Visually that looks like this:

analogy of a birth machine

We do not know how life happens. All we know is that it does happen. Here is how our machine works:

1. We take nothing and put it into the input side of our birth machine.
2. It passes through the machine in an instant.
3. It comes out the output side of the machine as life.

There is nothing explained here that we do not see in everyday life. This is simply a matter of describing birth in an unconventional (and mechanical) way. All I did was define conception (the beginning of life) in geometric terms. I am saying:

1. Before conception there was no life.
2. After conception there is life.
3. The transition at conception from no life to life took place in an instant.

2. Defining The Transition At The Beginning Of Life

I want to take a closer look at our birth machine. We understand that conception takes place at the beginning of life. To understand how conception works in geometric terms, let us look at the precise moment life begins, shown as the black vertical line. To the left of the line there is no life. This is shown in red. To the right of the line there is life. This is shown in blue.

1. On the left (red input) side we put in nothing.
2. Inside the machine, at a precise moment, life begins.
3. Life is expelled out the right (blue output) side.
4. This transition, from nothing to life, took place in an instant.

So far so good. To understand this concept completely we need to take a look at the transition at birth in a three dimensional view:

plane of conception

In this view we've tilted this back to show the geometry. The height, width, and depth coordinates represent the specific point within the environment where life begins. The horizontal coordinate is time. The red plane, perpendicular to time, represents the exact moment in time where life begins. This drawing is intended to show this important fact:

Life begins at one specific moment in time and space.

3. Look Back At The Beginning Of Life

Think back to the moment your life started. You are looking back at the output side of conception. Using our birth machine analogy, what you see is the blue output side of the machine. Visually you can only see the blue output side. The red input side is hidden from view. That looks like this:

The important point is:

During Life We Look Back At The Output Side Of Birth

4. Looking Forward To The End of Life

When we look forward to the end of life, we are looking at the red input side of birth. Visually that looks like this:


4. The Full Picture: Birth, Lifespan, and Death

What we have is a life existing in time, between birth and death. Visually that looks like this:

Putting it all together we make this assertion:

1. Conception takes place at the beginning of life. Life begins in an instant. This is a slice of time.

2. Life is the output of conception. Life is located time, between birth and death.

3. During life we see the output side of birth and the input side of death.

5. Birth, Life, and Death In Perspective

This diagram shows birth, life, and death in perspective. It looks like this:

Looking back at birth we see the blue output side of birth. The moment of birth, when life begins, is represented by a blue plane. We cannot see before the plane. We can only see after the plane.

Looking forward toward death we see the red input side of birth. We can only see before this plane. We cannot see after the plane.

During life we see the output of birth (blue) and the input of death (red).

IV. Solving For Afterlife: Proving What Is Beyond The Red Plane

1. The Output Side Of Death

To solve for afterlife I want to look at the diagram below. In this diagram life gets multiplied by 10 at the beginning of life. Life gets multiplied again by 10 at the end of life. Birth and death are the same transition. They take what comes in and multiply it by ten. This is what that looks like:

cube volume multiplied by birth

Here is how to read this diagram:

1. Starting at the left, we have a cube one unit.

2. It transitions through birth where it gets expanded 10 times to become a cube that is now 10 units.

3. The cube transitions through birth a second time. This time however, it went in as a 10 unit cube.

4. It gets multiplied again, by 10 times, and comes out as a cube that is now 100 units.

The transition, at birth and death, is not a 10-fold expanision. It is in that direction however. Life goes up at birth and it goes up again at death. I have put this into the following equation. The question mark (lower right) represents afterlife. This equation says it all. It proves afterlife. If you can look at this, and solve for afterlife, you have the answer.

life, birth, death equation

This equation is as follows:

Nothing Is To Life, As Life Is To Afterlife.

The ratio of the left (nothing divided by life) and the right (life divided by afterlife) are the same. What this says is that through death life goes up. It goes way up.

2. Defining The Output Side Of Death

It is not enough to state life goes way up at death. While true, this lacks definition. To truly understand afterlife I need to define exactly what it is. To do this I will start with one single question.

What time is it?

When I ask you what time it is you are going to respond with a specific year, month, day, hour, minute, and second. You are going to tell me an exact moment in time. What you are describing is an exact location on a time line. You don't describe two moments. There is only one. The present is a moment. It is a point in time.

Life in the other three dimensions is described the same way. When I ask you this:

Where are you?

You are going to tell me the country, state, city, address, and location within the room where you are located. Like time, you are located in space at a specific point in space. To sum it all up:

Your location is a point in time and space where you exist.

Life exists at a point within time and space. It emanates from that location. Coming out of birth we have a life emanating from a location within time/space. Now we put position (the point where life exists) into our equation. It now looks like this:

solving for life after death

The equation reads as follows:

Nothing Is To Position As Position Is To All Time And Space.

What we have on the left is nothing on top and a single point (position) on the bottom. What we have on the right is a single point on top and all of time and space on the bottom. The ratios (left and right) are exactly the same. Think in terms of geometry. This mathematics works out exactly. It is the true picture of afterlife.

3. Defining Afterlife

The equation above describes the mathematical structure of afterlife. Prior to death we are position within time and space, like a point. After death we are all of time and space, like the surrounding universe.

This geometric structure is not entirely accurate because surrounding time and space sounds like an empty box. This is not the case. While it is true that we are located at a position in time and space during life, we are also life. Describing life as position does not do it justice. It leaves out the emotional component. Life is rich, full, and vibrant. It is full of people. A point, by comparison, seems sterile and lifeless.

When I say we are position going into the end of life what I really mean is we are life going into the end of life. The emotional content of lifetime, in its entirety, is what comes out of the birth machine at the end of life as illustrated below:

life through birth equals everything

The key to understanding afterlife is to apply the geometric understanding of position undergoing dimensional change to become all of time and space then, on top of that, layer in the emotional content of life itself. Replace position with life. While technically equivalent, life is a more accurate picture of what we really are.

Layer in the emotional content of life into time and space. The answer lies in taking life itself and passing it through the expansion that occurred at birth. Life undergoes a dimensional change upward, in proportion to a point becoming all space and time.

Afterlife is an explosion of life. Life transitions from the smallest possible thing (location) to the largest possible thing (universe throughout time). An explosion of awareness of infinite magnitude happens at the moment life ends. Infinite magnitude means that life explodes to become everything. Afterlife includes everything and everybody.

One final thought: The mathematics of afterlife is developed from the perspective of the individual involved. When I say throughout all time, I mean throughout all time relative to the individual. All time encompasses every moment from the beginning of their life to the end. From that person's perspective, that is all time. In the same manner, all space is all space relative to the individual. That means their environment. To that person that is all space. When you learn to look at life this way, from the perspective of the individual, the mathematics of afterlife falls into place. This simple, elegant, beautiful mathematical concept works out perfectly.

4. Afterlife: What Will It Be?

Afterlife is bigger than anything imaginable. As you will see in other Proof Of Afterlife sections, life is small during life. Much of the environment passes directly into memory without us being aware of it. Everything includes a lot more than we know.

The totality of time and space is important. The dimensional change in life that takes place at death is infinite. Afterlife is not a multiplication of life from one to ten, or of one to one hundred. It is a complete dimensional change of life from the smallest geometric entity (a point) to the largest geometric entity (all time and space). Push whatever you are thinking is the largest possible change to its limits. Afterlife is grander than anything imaginable. Whatever you are thinking; double it. Then double it again. You are still not even close.

If I had to describe afterlife it would include the following:

1. You become all knowledge.
2. You see everyone you have ever known.
3. You become all seeing and knowing.
4. You become all time.
5. You become all space.

As grand as these statements are they are still an understatement. We cannot possibly comprehend the scope of what is coming.

V. Conclusion

I know you think this cannot physically be possible. If afterlife is expansion in time and space then why don't we see it? Here is why: Afterlife is a change of life. Through death life expands from one point in time and space to all of time and space. Through death life changes dimension. It transitions from one moment in the present to all time.

It only takes one moment to become all of time.

Life does not exist for even one moment after death. However that one moment contains all time. In like manner it only takes one location to become all space. How is this possible?

The key to afterlife is memory. Memory contains time and space. We spend a lifetime accumulating memories. Memory absorbs time and space as we move through life. It builds a time space continuum during life. It is this time space continuum contained in memory that enables the transition from a location to all space and time. I will make this clear in the upcoming proofs.

Afterlife transcends the physical body. The expansion emanates from a single location. That is also why we do not see it. We are not at the point in time and space where dimensional change happens. The only time we see this personally is when we go through it. We do not have to see it, however, to prove that it exists. Afterlife is the opposite of what we would expect of death. We see life coming to an end. Afterlife is the opposite of what we see. We see life going to nothing. The person inside sees life going to everything.

Proof Of Afterlife By Birth is based on the assumption that birth and death are the same event viewed from different sides. The act life ending causes an opposite reaction where life becomes everything. We become the mathematical inverse of what we are during life. Afterlife is an infinite awareness explosion throughout all of space and time. This takes place in a moment. It lasts for that moment only. But one moment is all we need, for inside that one moment is all time and space. Outside observers do not see this. Life changing dimension is how afterlife works.

This concludes proof of afterlife by birth.

I've always been a problem solver. My parents hated my habit of taking everything apart to see how it worked. In Math class in high school I attempted to solve a famous unsolvable problem. I turned in dozens of charts of failed attempts. I received an F for my effort.

Theory of Afterlife by Birth was conceived in 1969. I was 18 and not in good shape. My friend Eddie measured life success in terms of the big three. The big three consisted of a job, a place, and a car. I had exactly zero of the big three. Additionally I was estranged from my parents due to my father's drinking. On top of that it was cold outside. Northern United States gets real cold in the winter. Living without the big three is not what you want.

The idea of launching a preaching/teaching career based on Afterlife by Birth was not possible. I had no foundation. I had nothing, monetarily or emotionally. That does not alter the fact, unlike the unsolvable math problem, that I did have a true theory.

This video above is fairly close to the concept I am trying to embody. Two words come to mind. One is dimension. The other is explosion. To me dimension means outside space, all of it. Explosion means something that blows up.

When I look at this clip, I see birth. This video embodies the emotional concept I am trying to convey. What you have here are particles emanating from a point in the center of space, reaching out into space. All the particles are coming out of a single location in the center of space.

What I like about this video is it approximates what I call dimensional change. Dimensional change is when a point blows up to become its surrounding space. The dimensional change that happens at birth is total and instantaneous. It doesn't happen over time. It happens in an instant. One instant there is a point. The next instant there is space. This video shows this happening slowly over time, so that is not correct. But I like the concept.

Dimensional change is a hard concept to explain. Everything that happens in life takes place within the dimension. It is linear. The concept of point becoming space is hard to convey because we never see it. The idea of going "up and out" into another dimension does not appear to make sense. We have no frame of reference for it. Proving afterlife cannot happen while staying within the current dimension. It requires opening up to the concept of dimensional change.

Look at this video. Imagine having two of these. One occurs at the beginning of life. The other occurs at the end of life. Mentally place this video back at birth. Place it again at the end of life. While regarding this placement, think of the first video as looking into the output of it. The video represents point to space. If you are looking at the output side you are seeing the space (or output) side of the event.

Now look ahead to the end of life. This is the exact same event as the beginning of life. It is the exact some point to space transition that occurs at birth. Only this time we are going into the event. This time we are going into the event as the space that came out of birth. We are going in as space and undergoing a point-to-space magnitude transition.

At birth we underwent the point-to-space explosion to become what we are now. At the end of life we are taking what we are now and applying the same point-to-space transition. We go from nothing to big through dimensional change. Then we go from big to stupendous through the exact same dimensional change. Take one and multiply it by ten and you have ten. Take ten and multiply it be ten you have one hundred. It is that concept. Only the muliplication is total and instantaneous. But the logic is the same.

The multiplication factor is embodied by the video. Use that as your multiplication factor. Imagine this transition is total and complete, not only in space by time as well. Through birth in terms of time we go from nothing to the present. Through death we go from the present to all time. The math works. It is different, to be sure, but it works. Look at the video, imagine what I am saying, and it will make sense.

Put another way, it is not life to nothing that happens at the end of life. It is the exact opposite. I mean literally the exact mathematical opposite. It is life to everything that happens at the end of life. The only thing necessary to prove it is so is that birth and death are the same. I believe the are.