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Real World Evidence Of Afterlife

When I was 18, when the theory was first developed, I thought I'd live to 33. Now that I am 66, my personal goal is to see my hundredth birthday. Life doesn't always work out like you think it will.

evidence around us proving afterlife

Knowing about afterlife has affected me all my adult life. During my forties I had a perfectly good job. It was interesting. It paid well. I had health insurance and guaranteed lifetime benefits. In return they wanted my time, a lot of it. I know that during life I am building a universe for afterlife. The question was do you want to do the safe thing by staying within the confines of a good job? Or do you want to go out into the world and do your own thing? Had I not known about afterlife, I might have stayed in the job. I know people that did. They lead perfectly happy lives. They are taken care of with lifetime benefits too.

I left that secure job to develop Theory Of Afterlife. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about it. As I get older, my thinking shifts more toward teaching the theory, as opposed to developing it. When you are young, you feel you have a lot of time. As you get older you start to realize the time is running out. I've become more practical as I've gotten older. I've got to get this word out.

This section deals with evidence. When I think of evidence, I can't help but think about Albert Einstein. Here was a young guy with a radically new theory. He didn't have stature among scientists. He was a mere patent clerk.

He published his theory. The entrenched powers-that-be scoffed at it. But Einstein had a trick up his sleeve. He had a rare, obscure test case that would prove, once and for all, that his theory was correct. The test case was dramatic. It involved a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse was a rare event. To capture evidence, he needed to have camera equipment in place and perfect weather.

There was a star near the sun. You couldn't see it because the sun's brightness made it impossible. What Einstein did was calculate the position of this star based on space being curved by gravity of the sun. The location where the star should be, and the location where Einstein predicted it to be based on curved space, was two different locations.

During a solar eclipse the sun's light is blocked. The stars around the sun can be seen. The drama built waiting for the eclipse. I've read accounts of Einstein laughing among his peers, confident that the star would be where he calculated it to be.

Then the eclipse happened. The camera was in place and the weather was good. When the photos came in, it showed the star exactly where Einstein said it would be. This proved, definitively, that space was curved, exactly like Einstein predicted.

What a beautiful outcome. Einstein was vindicated. His theory went from published paper to total and complete acceptance based on one definitive test case.

We have no such test case for Proof Of Afterlife. I can't show it to you. Einstein was working within his time and space. He could point to something within time and space and say, see, I told you! Theory of Afterlife is different. It deals in a different dimension. I can't point to something in the environment and say that's it. Afterlife lies outside the environment.

That being said, there are test cases that I can point to within the environment that do support Theory Of Afterlife. Near Death Experience (NDE) are accounts of people that have come close to dying but recovered. I've read these. The accounts vary somewhat but descriptions of memory, time, light, knowledge all support memory as dimension. What I cannot do is put you through a near death experience to experience memory as dimension first hand. I wish I could. It would make my job a lot easier.

What I can do is make you aware of others who have experienced NDE so you can see how it supports the concept. Dimensional change is one way. You go through it left to right. As you go through it, life changes dimension. These people who have experienced NDE have been close to going through it. I can tell from there descriptions. They have caught a glimpse, first hand, of what I'm talking about.

I've included four test cases. Unlike Einstein's star, I can't point and say, ahah that's it! But what these test cases do show is that memory is time-space. Proving afterlife is a two-step process. First you have to be convinced that memory is time and space, unlimited in every way. Then you take that belief forward to an understanding of afterlife as the Kingdom Of Heaven. I may not have Einstein's star, but these NDE accounts are strikingly similar.

I. Evidence Case One: Hyperthymestic Syndrome

1. What Is Hyperthymestic Syndrome

Hyperthymestic Syndrome is a condition of super memory. Currently there are very few people in the world with this condition. Hyperthymestic comes from the Greek word hyper (meaning excessive) and thymesis (meaning remembering). People with Hyperthymestic Syndrome are described as having off the charts memory. They can describe what they were doing and world events for almost every day of their life. Unlike most people, whose memory fades over time, memories remain indelibly etched in the mind. When asked about it they just say that, "it's just there."  To people with this condition perfect remembering does not seem like anything extraordinary.

2. Normal Memory

To explain how Hyperthymestic Syndrome works and how it supports the theory of afterlife, look at this diagram.

This is a depiction of normal memory. The large box represents memory - the experiences of a person throughout a lifetime. The red dot (in the upper left corner) represents awareness. The left leading edge represents the present.

The orange lines and dots represent the average person's ability to remember. For example, the second orange dot (from the left) represents remembering an event that happened three days ago. Notice how the memory of events fades (isn't as clear) as you get further away from the present.

3. Hyperthymestic Memory

Compare a normal person's memory with the diagram of a person with Hyperthymestic Memory below. Notice how much more of memory awareness can access. They can access more events and access them clearer. Hyperthymestic Syndrome is an enhanced ability to look back into memory at moments of the past. The person with this condition can access memory easier and more completely than the rest of us.

Notice that in both cases (normal and Hyperthymestic Memory) the size of memory and the size of awareness is the same. The difference between the two is the enhanced ability to remember. The reason Hyperthymestic Syndrome serves as evidence of proof of afterlife is because it testimony to the vastness and completeness of memory. In other words, if memory were not complete in every detail then the Hyperthymestic person would have nothing to remember. It provides evidence that the memory is there, that it exists, and it can be accessed at any time.

Like the Hyperthymestic person, we too have perfect memory. Out ability to recall from our memory is limited, however that does not diminish memory itself. The logical question becomes, why would we have perfect memory if we can't access it. The answer is that we will use it at the end of life. At the end of life we will realize this huge store of information we have gathered throughout a lifetime. The Hyperthymestic person can access it (remember from it) better than we can. However, they too can only access the tiniest fraction of what is there. It is just that their tiny fraction is several times larger than our tiny fraction.

Evidence: Hyperthymestic Syndrome is important because it provides a glimpse of the vastness and completeness of memory that is within all of us.

II. Evidence Case Two: Mind Travel Within Time And Space

1. Travel Within Space: Out Of Body Experience (OBE)

There is medical evidence that occurs rarely where a person is temporarily transported outside their body. The condition appears to occur in cases of extreme physical trauma or mental trauma. The person experiencing this condition usually describes it as a sensation of floating outside one's body, in some cases perceiving one's physical body from a place outside the body.

Out of body experience doesn't happen often but it does happen. It happens often enough to be written about in medical journals and generally accepted as a medical condition. Neurologists know that the condition exists and are looking for an explanation.

If out of body experience were a figment of imagination, then all the cases wouldn't be described the same. The experience is the same for many patients. The fact that the all the descriptions of the condition are similar indicates that something real is going on.

Out of body experience provides a test case for this theory because the theory states that life is made up of both conscious awareness (a point of view) and memory (surrounding space). What makes out of body experience possible is that memory is actually the space around you. During life our point of view is within our head but it doesn't necessarily need to be so. Since memory is the space around you, yet it is within the mind, it makes it physically possible to have a point of view somewhere outside the physical body. The point of view, while located outside the body, is still located within memory as shown here:

Patients experiencing this phenomenon often describe it as floating above their body. What is happening is their point of awareness has moved from its usual spot to another point within then environment. However since the environment is memory this is entirely possible. Awareness (under extreme and rare conditions) can move within memory. When it does the patient is dangerously close to the end of life. This would only happen during extreme trauma.

When you see reality as memory you can see how this can happen. Memory is the space around us. Put another way, we are contained within memory. Memory is the vehicle that allows the conscious mind to be transported outside the body where it attains a different point of view.

Out of body experiences are real. The point of view moves out into the world yet it is still contained within memory. Memory as surrounding space allows this to happen.

Evidence: If memory is surrounding space then awareness could conceivably be transported outside the physical body and remain inside memory.

III. Evidence Test Case Three: Dreams, The Mind's Virtual Reality

Picture memory as a large body of water. Awareness sits on the surface of the water. The surface is the present. As long as awareness is located on the surface, you are awake.

If you are trying to get to sleep, as long as you are thinking rational thoughts you will not go to sleep. Only when you begin to think irrational thoughts - thoughts that do not makes sense - are you beginning to fall asleep. Staying conscious and in the present will not bring about sleep.

Think of it as a dot sitting on the surface of a lake. When you begin to fall asleep it is as if the dot begins to sink below the surface. What is happening is your conscious awareness is going back into your memory. The mechanism that allows this to happen is memory being time and space. It is a physical space/time where the mind can go.

During sleep, the conscious mind remains submerged below the surface. It is transported back into memory where it resides. If there is a noise - such as an alarm going off - it will return to the present. The conscious mind comes up from being submerged to return to the surface of the lake. When the conscious mind reaches the surface (the present) we wake up. Awareness returns to the present moment.

The key point is the place we go during sleep is just as real as reality. The events, thoughts, and physical space during sleep are just as real as reality in the present. This provides proof that memory is physical time. During sleep awareness wanders through memory back in time. Sleep provides evidence that memory is time and awareness is present within that time. The environment during sleep is just as real as the environment while awake. There is no difference between the two.

Out of body experience and sleep shows that awareness can travel within time and space. Awareness is not necessarily confined to the present. Awareness is able to travel into the outside world and back in time because while outside the body, it is still inside memory.

Evidence: If memory is time then awareness should be able to travel in time.

IV. Evidence Case Three: Eye Witness Accounts

1. Near Death Experience (NDE) Before The End Of Live

Proof Of Afterlife asserts that at the end of life is awareness transitions from point to space. This is a dimensional change in both time and space. This transition is from being a point of view within time and space TO all of time and space. The transition takes place in an instant. Here is a diagram of awareness lduring life. Here we are looking from the inside (awarness) out (memory).

Near death experience refers to personal experiences associated with the end of life. These are usually reported after someone has been pronounced clinically dead. Reports by people who have had near death experience are similar. Here are the descriptions of a people having experienced a near death experience.

2. Near Death Experience - At The End Of Live

I am not an expert in Near Death Experience (N.D.E.). Nor have I experienced N.D.E. first hand. In general N.D.E. accounts indicate an awareness opening up, not closing down as expected. N.D.E. accounts have memory as a theme. N.D.E. accounts are as expected given the evidence. Shown below are some first hand accounts of people having N.D.E.

In the previous example awareness was the tiny red dot in the middle of the system. In this illustration awareness has expanded outward throughout memory. People seeing this have reacted with the following statements. These are the types of statements you would expect from someone undergoing dimensional change at the end of life. They seem pretty accurate to me.

Near death experience is the closest look we get at afterlife during life. Millions of people claim to have had a near death experience. The accounts they come back with provide real physical evidence as to what happens at the end of life. The evidence they come back with is similar. Afterlife appears to be a common experience. Near death experience as a common phenomenon exists is real.

V. Conclusion : Evidence For Proof Of Afterlife

Afterlife is one event one moment long. Yet within that moment exists an eternity. You can see from the accounts they are overwelmingly positive. Afterlife is awareness transitioning into memory. It is also point transitioning to all time and space. These are first-hand descriptions from people that have caught a glimpse of this.

Proof Of Afterlife states the end of life opens awareness up throughout all space and time. All knowledge, thought, people, emotions in the universe are there too. Memory encompasses all knowledge. The accounts are consistent with this conclusion. They all talk about knowledge and light. I feel like they are describing this theory completely and accurately. The accounts that come back are exactly what I expect them to be!

Virtual Reality

We are talking close to 50 years since I developed Proof Of Afterlife. When you develop a theory like this, you're on the lookout for anyone that has something similar. I've been on daily watch for someone else with a (the) proof of afterlife.

During all 50 years no one has come close. The closest thing I have heard was a statement by Elon Musk when he said, "The chance we are not living in a computer simulation is one in billions."

This is the only statement I've heard, ever, that addressed afterlife as I see it. The young man is headed in the right direction. I give him credit.

Virtual reality is a complete environment generated by a computer. Using special glasses and equipment we can immerse ourselves in this environment. We are able to walk through it and experience it.

As computer simulations get better, virtual reality will become indistinguishable from real reality. This brings up the question, what is the difference between virtual reality and real reality. The answer is there isn't any difference. Just like Elon Musk said, we are probably living within a computer simulation.

The reason I took note is because I know we are living within memory. Memory is the virtual reality we live within. You can think of the environment as virtual reality created by memory. The present moment as memory (virtual reality) is a primary tenet of Proof Of Afterlife.

If you are looking to prove it, we merely need to look at dementia such as late stage Parkinson's disease. During this phase the patient begins to see apparitions within the environment. They may see someone lurking in the trees outside the window for example. This can be exhausting for the caregiver as they insist that these apparitions aren't real. But here's the thing, who is to say that the apparitions aren't real?

What you have is two virtual realities, one surrounding the patient, and a different one surrounding the caregiver. Both realities are equally real to the person inside them. It is as if each had one a different virtual reality headset playing two different realities. The surrounding world, the so-called real reality, is not the important thing. The important thing is the virtual reality surrounding the individual.

The apparition can appear because it is inside memory. Memory extends out to the walls of the current environment. This is not an image superimposed onto reality. This is a physical object that exists within the environment. To the patient the person lurking in the trees is as real as a lamp, chair, or person in their environment. It was made by the mind to be sure. But the mind extends out into the environment. So the object can be inside the mind, yet outside the body. The mind is the virtual reality environment.

What you can say is that the caregiver's reality more closely matches the outside world than the patient's reality. But that is irreverent. Apparitions can and do happen because memory is the surrounding dimension.

You can consider virtual reality to be a container. In the human condition, that virtual reality container has depth in time. My computer has a function called "Time Machine." Time Machine allows me to go back in time, select a file from any day in the past, and restore it to the present. Time Machine gives my computer depth in time. Not only do I have the files in my computer now. I also have the files that I have worked on in the past. This extends back in time to when I first bought the computer.

Our virtual reality works like this. In the present, our virtual reality extends in all directions. We are surrounded by unlimited length, width, and depth. Our virtual reality also has depth in time. Just like Time Machine, we have access to every moment since the time we were conceived. That means we are surrounded by memory with unlimited length, width, depth, and time.

That is how it is - right now. If your life were to end right now, you would see it. You would see unlimited length, width, depth, and time.

Inside virtual reality we are a focal point within an environment. You can think of it as a focal point of awareness inside a computer generated space. In afterlife we are not going to be a focal point within a time-space continuum. It is true that memory holds unlimited time and space. But we are not going to be a point of view anymore. At the end of life, our point of view undergoes dimensional change. What was formally a point of view within the environment undergoes dimensional change to become the environment. Becoming all knowing means an expansion of awareness throughout time and space. Afterlife is not life as we know it, in a time space continuum. Afterlife is an infinite expansion of awareness throughout space and throughout time.

Nothing needs to happen for this to manifest. It is already there. Awareness will expand unless restrained. Once the restraints are removed, awareness expands infinitely in all directions, including time. The fact the person no longer exists in our reality is irrelevant. To them, the person inside memory, they are unlimited space and time. All your family and friends will be there. You will be surrounded by love. It is going to be great!