Proof Of Afterlife By Birth

Proof of Afterlife By Birth


Proof of Afterlife by Birth begins by defining birth as the moment life begins and highlights that this transition from non-existence to existence is instantaneous, akin to a binary switch going from "off" to "on." It delves into the geometric concept of life, describing it as a point in space and time without physical dimensions, yet it exists.

Analogies involving three-dimensional software and cameras are used to illustrate the moments of birth, emphasizing that life's awareness is comparable to a single point in space and time. The text introduces a mathematical equation suggesting that the afterlife involves a transformation from this single point in space and time to encompass all of time and space.

Ultimately, the text concludes by stressing that the afterlife represents a profound expansion of awareness beyond earthly limitations, an infinite journey that remains hidden from external observers but is personally experienced. In essence, it posits that afterlife involves a change of dimension from individual awareness at a specific point in space and time to an expanded state encompassing all time, space, and knowledge.

Afterlife by Birth - Full Proof