Conclusion to Proof of Afterlife

Evidence of the Afterlife: A Mathematical Approach. Unlike the preceding sections, this final part diverges from mathematical analysis to explore the emotional experience of the afterlife.

Hopefully, after arriving at this point, you too can see the logic of the human mind changing dimension - going up and out, as opposed to just turning off. I hope that I have presented the materilal in sufficient clarity and detail to show you that this is indeed the case. If that's not enough, there are tons of evidence in the form of NDE and OBE that prove the mind does a lot more than just turn off. I've spend so much effort on the logic, at the expsense of the emotional component of what happens at the end of life. It is difficult, even for me, to contemplate the end of life. It is an difficult subject to broach. That is why most people simply avoid the subject all together. Especially younger people. No one wants to think about their own demsie.

However, there may be people who would welcome knowing what will happen at the end of life. It's not enough to explain the afterlife in terms of geometry and inverse. People in hospice for example. It may be comforting to know approiximately waht will happen, instead of heading into the big unknown without a clue. Another vulnurable group are those that have just givien up in life. It may be nice for them to know that a large reward lies just ahead. It is nice to know that all this struggle has a higher purpose.

With these peole in mind, I wanted to take a minute and attempt to explain what afterlife will feel like emotionally. During the theory, I did not enter into the realm of speculation very far. I stayed conserviative, sticking closely to what I know. Regardless of what you think about me or this theory, It is logical and built on reason. But is does not address the fundamental question of what will happen. So now I'm going to speculate just a little bit and attempt to describe what afterlife will feel like.

Throughout this theory, I kept returning to the central premise of the mind becoming space. By now, you know the logic. We approach our end as a point location within space and time. Then of our mind transition occurs where it becomes surrounding space and time. The mind, knowledge, and awareness expand without bound into the kingdom of heaven that pre-exists in our memory. It makes sense logically. It answers a lot of questions - the most fundamental being, how can afterlife exist without a body. Time, changing dimension from moment to eternity is baked into the theory. It may be hard to comprehend, but that is exactly what will happen.

Here are my thoughts. I know my mind will not end. I know it will expand into memory. But what does that mean, exactly? I'm an engineer, programmer, and artist. I am analytical to a fault. It is a stretch for me to explain my thoughts on what will happen to us emotionally, but here goes:

1. Eternal Joy Awaits in the Afterlife!

My good friend Keith knew afterlife like I do. We're old now. I'm over 70 and Keith has passed away. He had a good idea of what happens at the end of life. He too had experienced OBE so he knew what to expect at the end of life. I recently read his obituary. It said that his last words were, "I'm having fun."

There are a lot of terms one could use to describe the afterlife and the word "fun" probably wouldn't be one of them. But who am I to quarrel. Here he was, at the end of his life, looking forward to what will happen next. At the very last instant, when the mind opens up, he utters the words, I am having fun. That pretty much say it all. I knew this man. The words he used to describe his situation speak volumes. We have a tendency to get caught up in grandure and magnificence. And maybe we forget about the obviouse. He stated it cleary. Just as his mind expanded to space-time he said the word fun, then moved on. Keith said a profound statement for the entire world to behold. Of all the words he could have chosen to describe his experience he chose fun. Take him at his word. He was having fun.

Can it really be that simple? Keith was a believer in Proof of Afterlife and he had a good idea of what was coming. In typical Keith fashion, he explained what he was feeling prefectly. To be into the dimensional change, yet still be able to communicate, is an incredibly small window. It can't be more than a second or two. Yet he was able to tell us what he was feeling within that second. So we have it for all the world to know. If you ask me to describe what afterlife will be like in a single word, I have to go with my trusted friend. The word that bests describes what afterlife will be like is fun.

2. The Afterlife Explained through Inverse Principles

You don't need to have a great life to have a great afterlife. Afterlife is the inverse of life. In many ways, things turn out to be the opposite of what you'd expect. For example:

1. If you were poor during life, you will be rich in afterlife. There will be no need for money in the aftelife. If you spent your life not achieving the financial success you wish you would have, you are in for a treat. You will be rich beyond your wildest imagination in afterlife. The nagging feel of not getting what you want during life will vanish. You will get everything you want, desire, and then some.

2. If you were shy during life, you'll be gregarious and popular in afterlife.

3. If you were lonely during life, you will be surrounded by loving people in afterlife.

4. If you were in poor health during life, you will be restored in afterlife.

5. If you suffered in life, you will be rewarded in afterlife.

Life is not easy. We all know that. Life and struggle pretty much go hand in hand. When we reach afterlife. That changes. What we get in afterlife is the reward for having endured the struggle. We're no longer hungry, cold, lonely, unhealthy or any other temporary inconvenience of life. We will be in good shape.

3. Feeling Lonely? Experience the Thrill of 10,000 Simultaneous Parties

I recently just lost a close friend. There was no one that I've known longer or closer. He brought me much joy over the years. It wasn't just me. Eddie spread joy and happiness everywhere he went. He had hundreds, if not thousands of friends. Everyone liked and felt close to Eddie. He was everyone's friend.

Eddie placed a high value on friendship, happiness, and having a good time. He wasn't motivated by money particularly. If it was a choice between making money or having a good time, the good time won out every time. And who's to say he was wrong? Eddie gathered thousands of wonderful memories over the years.

Eddie was absolutely the funniest individual I have ever known. In high school, he was the fastest runner and swimmer in the city. He was voted best dancer and best signer. Eddie acted in plays and sung in talent shows. He was the life of the party, time and time again. He made everyone laugh, sing, and have a good time. He was the most popular kid in high school. Everyone liked him.

Eddie wasn't a financial success. No, he was a happiness success. He elevated happiness in every group he was in. When Eddie was around, it was always fun.

Late in life he ran into difficulty with his health. One by one the things he loved most were taken away. First, cancer took away has taste and he loved food. Then it took away his ability to sing. Finally, it made it hard for him to talk.

No matter how bad things got, he was stoic and never lost his sense of humor. Up until the end he was still joking - through text messages because that was all the he had left. Finally, after a major operation that failed to stop the caner, Eddie closed his eyes for the last time. Eddie was a great, great guy - one of a kind for sure. He endured a lot at the end.

Do you know what happened next?

The moment Eddie closed his eyes, he opened them again and found himself great shape being among his friends. All the parties he had elevated into a great time for all, came to him at once. There was nothing Eddie liked more than to be joking and laughing amongst friends. The party atmosphere trumped everything. He loved it and now, he felt all the parties at once.

Rather than merely experiencing love, joy, and fun from one party, he was experiencing love from them all. If you take 70 years, times 3 parties a week, you have approximately 10,000 parties. If you take the happiness level that Eddie experienced from a single party and multiply it 10,000 times, you get some idea of what afterlife will be like.

When the mind expands in time and space, you gain the ability to be everywhere at the same time. At first blush, it may seem cavernous to consider an eternity. But when you think it further, it is the opposite. Being everywhere at once gives Eddie the ability to be in all the parties he enjoyed over a lifetime at the same time. It gives him the ability to raise his happiness level into the stratosphere. We cannot begin to comprehend the happiness felt from attending 10,000 parties at once. Happiness of this sort is beyond human comprehension. Think about feeling the joy of attending ten thousand parties at once! It gives us some idea of the fun that awaits us in afterlife.

4. Afterlife Promises to Be Exciting and Anticipated

A lot of people thought Eddie was crazy. Yea, crazy like a fox! He just quietly went about collecting all his memories over 70 years. He routinely eschewed the trappings of a corporate job and opted instead to be happy and funny at gatherings with close friends. It was as if he knew ahead of time that his concept of life was better. He gathered up all these great moments. Then, in the end, all these happy moments came to him at once.

I have no doubt he is having fun, feeling closeness, and camaraderie with all his numerous friends. He is enjoying permanent happiness at an astronomically high level, hard earned over a life well lived. Afterlife is the reward we all long for. Afterlife will be better than anything we can imagine. Just like Eddie, it is the fulfillemnt of everything we want and need, only ten thousand times better than anything we could have imagined!

5. You Will Be Surrounded by Love and Vibrant Energy!