Conclusion To Proof of Afterlife

Not the Same Old Thinking

Having lived with the theory for over 50 years now, I just can't imagine living life thinking it will abruply end. There are several seemingly intelligent people that expound that afterlife cannot possibly exist. Stephen Hawking is among them. At this moment, within his cosmos, Stephen Hawking races like the swiftest cosmic winds. He expresses his gratitude to the cosmos that he has erred. Bill Nye is another. Bill Nye has, of late, declared the existence of an overwhelming body of evidence supporting the absence of an afterlife, a stance echoed by the vast majority of scientists. It appears, however, that Bill and his fellow scientists have not yet grappled with the concept that the mind changes dimension at death, going from point within space-time to space-time itself.

Allow me to express candidly, but it appears these individuals may be confined to a limited perspective, with their self-centered view of the universe. Their belief appears to be based solely on how they see the universe, as if that perspective is the entirety of existence. Proof of Afterlife contemplates the vastness of possibilities beyond life. For example, it is not conjecture that memory absorbs reality. Anyone who uses a computer understands memory and how it works. When you start to see the mind as two fold - both memory and awareness, not just awareness alone, you start to see how things really are. When you go through life, you are actually living within memory. The present moment is already in memory as we perceive it. So the mind is point of view at the center of the environment. It is also the environment itself. The mind is point of view. It is also space. It is the duality of point and space that make up life.

Once you understand that, it follows that memory contains everything you've ever experienced. This too is not conjecture. It is real.

At death, the mind transitions from part A to part B. It goes from a point in space time to space time. This, by the way, is exactly the same dimensional transition that occured at birth.

People with their dogmatic "there is absolutely no evidence supporting afterlife" stance, do not understand dimensional change that takes place at death. If they did, they would realize you only need one point in space time to become all space time. You don't need a physical body because, to the outside observer (ie. the real world), afterlife is only one moment in duration. However, to the person going through it, it is eternal. They just can't get beyond the conscious mind moving through time. To be truly enlightened you need to see that life changes dimension at the moment of death. Old fashioned, one dimensional thinking will not get the job done. The naysayers think they're being tough and pragmatic, but they're not. There just being wrong. Life changes dimension. It happened at birth and it happens again at death.

I will never discount accounts of near death experiences (NDE). I see them as gifts to humanity. I know life doesn't end at death. It does the opposite. It expands. That's what I see when I read NDE accounts. I see first hand accounts of the mind opening, not closing. NDE people report greater awareness. They report receiving unlimited knowledge, very clear thoughts, and being hyper lucid. Thought expands, senses feel more vivid, and there is a sudden insight. When your mind transitions from a point to space, you can feel it open. I describe this as backing up in your mind. Your mind is no longer a point of view. It is now the entire environment. You, and unlimited knowledge, become one.

People in this state report sudden overwhelming feelings of love. It is described as peace, love, ecstasy, happiness, and acceptance. People report being met by others from throughout their life, especially loved ones. They can talk with them. They feel intense feelings of love and acceptance. There is a sense of harmony with the universe. They feel at one with the universe. They feel peace, love, and ecstasy. It is beautiful.

You will also experience a life in review. People see scenes from their past. While in this state, the mind opens to reveal the true nature of memory. Many describe this as going through a life review in detail. They describe a panoramic view of past events including the emotions they felt at the time. You will know that during life you experienced things from a single point of perspective. Now you are seeing things in total. You see your entire memory for the first time. You will discover that in memory all things exist. Your entire time and space exist. Worldly measurements of life are neither valid nor necessary.

This is as far as you can go and still live. If you decide to go further, you will have crossed the Rubicon. This is where you encounter the light. Many people describe this as moving through darkness toward a brilliant light. The light is alive, intelligent, and powerful. If you decide to move toward the light you are on the precipice of all inclusive dimensional change. The light you are experiencing is GOD. As you move into the light you and GOD become one. This is where your mind expands throughout time and space. Feelings of awareness, clairvoyance, knowledge, understanding, love, peace, joy, pleasantness, wellbeing, unconditional acceptance, harmony, and painlessness expand infinitely.

Now you and GOD are one. Everyone is there.

Like I said, life does not end at death and that is good news!