During Life Awareness Is Behind A Firewall

I run a server on the Internet. My server is located at fixed IP address. That means it has a fixed location on the Internet. The IP address does not change, as do most Internet connections. It remains fixed, meaning it is on the same IP address, all the time.

IP addresses are numbers. Every computer on the Internet has one. Each address is unique. Right now there are 999,999,999,999 unique IP addresses that make up the Internet. That is changing because we are running out of them. Soon there will be 999,999,999,999,999,999 Internet Protocol Addresses. There are a lot of computers connected to the Internet.

Every one of these computers can reach my computer. They have direct access, one IP address to another. Unfortunately not all these people have good intentions. Many people are trying to break in for nefarious purposees. Constant exposeure to all these computers is just part of the Internet business. Attacks come nonstop. They come from all directions. Outside computers are constantly probing my computer for a way to get in.

To combat attacks publicly hosted servers use a firewall. A firewall is in separate hardware device. It sits between our server and the Internet at large. Traffic attempting to reach my computer has to go through the firewall first. Then the firewall forwards the traffic to my computer. Here's what it looks like when the firewall malfunctions and allows all of the traffic on the Internet to pass.

A firewall is a defensive measure. Its main function is to close down traffic. The security concept is to close everything first. When your firewall closes all traffic it is like having a computer in space. Then you open only those IP addresses that you want to access your computer. For example I have computers in a data center in downtown Los Angeles. However I work from my house in Santa Ana, about 40 miles away. I have my firewall set to only allow traffic from the IP address at my house. All other traffic is stopped. It is not allowed to go through. This way my working computer can have free open access to my server in Los Angeles while keeping out all other computers on the Internet.

Of all the billions of computers contacting your computer, all traffic except the computer at my house will be ignored. It would not be allowed to get through. I like to think of the computer as a ball. That ball is one hole. That hole is a pinprick. It is one tiny hole. If the traffic doesn't hit that hole it bounces off. It is ignored.

The analogy of a computer with one IP address open, surrounded by billions of connecting computers is a good one for awareness. Awareness during life is firewalled. At any given moment we have a deluge of information coming at us. Awareness will only accept information through one IP only. The vast majority of the information coming at us is blocked from getting through. It goes into the firewall but it never gets through it. It is stopped at the firewall.

This illustrates the difference between awareness and memory. Awareness is like the one computer that is allowed to get through the firewall to contact my computer. Memory is like all the computers at large whose traffic gets stopped at the firewall.

The thing that makes awareness difficult to comprehend is that during life we are behind the firewall. In other words, what we perceive during life to be total awareness is only the one computer interacting with us. Just like that one computer that we perceive, there are billions more out there that we do not perceive. We do not perceive them because they are stopped at the firewall. However, their input is taken into memory. So what feels like full awareness is actually just a tiny, tiny bit of the total incoming traffic being taken into memory.

A firewall during life, just like a firewall on the Internet, is a protective measure. We can be thankful that during life awareness is restricted to the one outside computer only. Keeping awareness restricted this way keeps everything under control. We could open the firewall up and allow more computers to reach it. However, in life and on the Internet, it is not a good idea. Opening the firewall can easily result in an overload of information.

There is a technique on the Internet known as denial of service attack. It is a simple concept. The bad guys instruct thousands of computers to contact the target computer at the same time. It is a coordinated information attack. The goal is to overwhelm the target computer with so many requests that it is rendered inoperable. Basically the target computer becomes stupefied because it is unable to keep up with the incoming demand. We keep this from happening by keeping the firewall in place. The firewall only allows one computer to interact. This way the mind functions normally. We don't become confused with an overload of information. Incoming information is kept under control.

At the end of life the firewall opens up. It now allows all the IP on the Internet to go through. Every IP address can contact the computer.

Every IP address on the Internet is memory. When the firewall opens up, all the information that went into memory originally can now be contacted. All those computers that entered the firewall but were stopped can now get through. What we thought was full awareness was just one computer. Now that the firewall is open we realize there are billions more.

When this happens we will not experience a denial of service type avalanche of information. That is because the mind expands in kind. The mind becomes equivalent in size to all the IP address on the Internet. The mind, in its new expanded state, has a one-to-one relationship with all the IP addresses on the Internet. They are the same size.

This is a changing of dimension of the mind. In computer parlance, it is going from a single IP to all the IP addresses on the Internet. In terms of geometry, it is going from a single point in time and space to all of time and space. All of time and space, relative to the individual, is your memory. Your memory contains not only your surrounding space it also contains time. So when the mind expands it expands from a single point in time and space to all of time and space.

The mind expands from a fixed location in the universe, to the universe. That is how afterlife transcends time. One point becomes all space and time. Afterlife does not need duration in time. It is just one moment long. But inside that one moment is all time. Inside that one physical location is all space. The point in time and space where our life ends is the entry point to the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is real. It exists.