From Be Here Now to Being Everywhere Always

Ancient philosophy attempts to reach an uncluttered, peaceful state through the embodiment of be here now. This philosophy reduces life to its simplest terms. What I think of is a person sitting in an environment. To be here now is to not think about the future or the past. The objective is to eliminate everything but the present. In like manner, it is an attempt to eliminate thinking about other places. By restricting thought to only the current location can we be a peace in that place and time.

From a philosophical perspective it boils living down to its essentials. When you focus on just our present location life becomes simpler. It is much easier to cope with what is happening now versus what has happened in the past or will happen in the future.

I like to think of be here now as it pertains to birth. Before the event of birth (conception) there is no existence. Thus be here now does not apply. After birth there is existence. Now be here now does apply. We now have an existence (be) located in space (here) and located in time (now). In essence be here now describes a consciousness at one location in time and space. So through birth life has undergone a change from none to one, with one being an existence located at a point in time and space.

Be here now describes existence, but what about its inverse? Take the concept of be here now and turn it inside-out. The opposite of here is everywhere. The opposite of now is always. So if you look at the inverse of be here now you have is be everywhere always.

Three Possible Outcomes At End Of Life

If you look at death as an event there are really only three things that can happen. One is that life ends. Life goes from none to one and back to none.

The second is that life keeps going. This would be life goes from none to one and then stays at one.

The third is that life goes from none to one to all.

It is this third concept that embodies the be everywhere always philosophy. From a mathematical perspective life becomes its inverse. This is the predicted answer to the question of what happens at death. Here is what it looks like when life becomes its inverse, going from here now to everywhere always:

Life going from here now to everywhere always seems impossible. Is there any practical evidence to support such a theory?

What is missing from the argument is the question of memory. Take for example, a person during life experiencing be here now. The environment they are sitting within is memory. We tend to think of memory as the past. Memory is your surrounding environment. Think of memory as memories of the past extending up to and including the present. Memory is continuous. The present moment is the leading edge of a four dimensional continuum.

The man experiencing be here now also has memories of the past. Memories of the past are not his recollection from the present. Memories of the past are the environments having been absorbed throughout a lifetime. Do not mistake remembering for memory. Memory is a continuous collection of environments experienced throughout life. When you look at the opposite of be here now you are looking at memory. Memory is the universe of that person.

Be here now is one aspect of life. That is the aspect we see. Memory is the other aspect of life. Memory is the surrounding environment. The total picture of life is more that existence within space. It is existence and space. During life conscious is aware from a location. At the same time memory is aware of space. Life is this location of awareness and its surrounding space.

So we go through life as location. We have a specific location within time and space. All the while our memory is capturing surrounding space. So during life we are building a universe of time and space. That universe is continuous, limitless, and goes back to our birth. We are a duality. We are a location in time and space observing the world. We are also the world as it gets absorbed in total.

Birth is the point in time when life goes from none to one. In geometric terms life goes from none to a location in time and space. Death is the point where life goes from one to all. A birth life gets multiplied to spring forth as one. At death life gets multiplied a second time by the same order of magnitude, to become all.

What makes this possible is memory. It is no coincident that memory holds all time and space at the moment death occurs. Memory is the environment that life expands into. The order of magnitude of birth reapplied and memory containing everything match perfectly.

Exactly What Happends At The End Of Life

I want to be specific about what happens at the end of life. During life we are be here now, an existence within space and time. As we go through life the here changes as we move from one location to another. The now changes as we go from one time to another. We can track our location through life. It forms a line in time and space as we go.

At some point we will reach out last moment. We will be at the end of that line. There will be no more moments.

At that moment our consciousness will be located at a specific point in time and space. It is then and there when that one moment undergoes a transformation into all of space and time. From that specific location life springs forth throughout a universe in memory becoming everything always.

The outside observer sees nothing. That is their frame of reference. From the frame of reference at that point of time they see awareness exploding throughout time and space. This is physically possible because the mind has absorbed environments in total as we moved through life. At the moment at the end of life that universe is built and intact. Conscious does not exist beyond death in the world of the outside observer. But it doesn't have to for afterlife to exist. Memory is a universe. At the end of life you enter that universe. That universe contains space and time. It is the universe we are within now. In this way life transcends the physical by becoming the dimension it was contained in. In terms of geometry through death that one location becomes a universe and that one moment becomes an eternity. Life has changed dimension to become life everlasting.