Proof Of Afterlife By Geometry
The Third Proof (Circa 1971)

It was August 1971. The weather was still nice but getting colder. By this time I had proof one and two, proofs by awareness and birth, behind me. I was sure that life didn't end at death. I'd seen too much to believe that. But now I was in pursuit of a comprehensive proof of afterlife. I wanted to take it further. It wasn't that proofs one and two weren't correct. They were. However I wanted something definitive. The next psychedelic experience had a purpose. I was in direct pursuit of a theory of afterlife. Who would have known that a pyramid shape would make all the difference.

slicing a pyramid to prove afterlife

It was Friday in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I remember sitting in class at the University of Michigan watching the clock on the wall tick towards 3:00pm. I couldn't wait to get out of class. My friend Keith and I decided to take LSD that night. I told him what I was after and that I was going to bring along a pencil and paper in case something profound happened.

We started at 6, just before dark. We were walking. We didn't have a car. Then it started to rain. We ducked into this gazebo in our home neighborhood to get in out of the rain. This is the actual location where I sat with the pencil and paper that evening. It was happenstance. It took this picture recently. Can you believe how beautiful this space is? This is the actual location where proof of afterlife took place. It looks like s shrine.

location where proof of afterlife originally conceived

It was Friday in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I remember sitting in class at the University of Michigan watching the clock on the wall tick towards 3:00pm. I couldn't wait to get with my friend. We had a party to go to that night. Being young we had no qualms about doing crazy things. I was part of the Woodstock generation. This time, unlike last time, I made sure to bring along a pencil and paper.

As the drug took effect I was thinking about afterlife. I tried to concentrate hard. Then the hallucinations appeared. The environment was becoming more complicated. A complicated environment, full of colorful hallucinations moving and multiplying, was a distraction. I couldn't concentrate. I remember thinking, there is no way I can make any sense of this tonight. Finally I was forced to give up. My environment had become so complicated that I couldn't do anything except experience it. Thinking about a theory was out of the question.

Soon, experiencing the environment was out of the question too. It became a matter of simply holding on. I was losing my grip on reality. I was drowning in complications. The hallucinations were so vivid, numerous, and interesting that I was stupefied by their complexity.

As bad as things were, they just got worse. Each hallucination was so magnificent in its complexity that it demanded my attention. Moreover there were thousands of them in the environment. If you looked at one, it exploded into more complexity by growing facets. The complexity was building. There was no control. The hallucination filled environment was boiling over. There was nothing I could do about it. I was scared to think about how this might end.

Then, when things were at their absolute worst, everything cleared up. It happened in an instant. One moment I was drowning in complications. Then my mind snapped. The next moment my environment was clear. I was back in a normal environment with no hallucinations. All complexity, of only a moment ago, disappeared.

What caused the hallucinations to disappear?

Here is what I saw.

When you start out you are a point of view within the environment. You are sitting in the center looking out at the world. Then an apparition appears. The apparition is in your environment. So you are experiencing the environment plus the apparition.

Then another apparition appears. Then another. The apparitions become more complex and numerous. Your environment is becoming more complicated. As the environment grows more complex, it begins to become overwhelming. Everything is taking place around you. The complications are on the outside of the mind.

Then you back up in your mind. You goes from being a point of view within the environment to being the environment itself. When this happens, your mind absorbs the apparitions. The apparitions that were on the outside of the mind are now on the inside. Complexity was overwhelming to a mind that was a point. It becomes simple to a mind that is space. I could feel my mind expand from the center to the outer reaches of the environment. It went from point to space. As it did, complexity became trivial.

When I saw this I knew life is not going to end at death. It is going to do exactly what happened here. It is going to expand to the reaches of time and space. I've seen it first hand.

The human mind has two states. State one is the point of view within the environment. State two is the environment itself. Awareness can only be in one state at a time. During life, awareness is in state one. After life, awareness is in state two. We never see state two unless we experience out of body awareness like I did above. Once you see state two you know it is there.

When my mind transitioned, it went from state one to state two. When it did the apparitions were absorbed. State one is consciousness. State two is memory. The mind is both. We happen to see things from state one during life.

I make this sound easy. It's not. The period of clarity after the mind expands lasts a minute or two. Then the apparitions and complications begin anew. You can't think during this. You are not in control.

At the beginning of the site I explained that during the first trip something profound happened and I wanted to write it down. But I didn't have a pencil and paper. I didn't forget that. This time I came prepared with a pencil and paper. After the trip was over there two things written on that piece of paper. One were the words "Memory and Dimension work together and that's why things become more complicated." The second was a picture of a pyramid.

What made perfect sense at time time I wrote it down wasn't so clear afterward. It was up to me to piece together what I meant. It took some time to figure it out. Following is Proof Of Afterlife By Geometry. It explains exactly what I meant when I wrote those words down at the peak of that evening.

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