Proof Of Afterlife By Information
The Fifth Proof (Circa 1996)

By 1996 I had been in the aerospace field for 14 years. I purchased a tract home in Cypress, California. I was 44 years old. Since graduating in 1981 I had made computers my life's work. I was working at Northrop now. I was fortunate to be working in an environment where three dimensional computer techniques were used exclusively. I spent all day inspecting parts in computer manifested three dimensional space. This gave rise to proof of afterlife by information.

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The travails of my youth were a distant memory now. It had been 25 years since my scary psychedelic experience in Lansing, Michigan. Aerospace work puts a rigid structure on your time. With commute, it was eleven hours per day. Many weeks it was six days, not five.

Is it any wonder that proof of afterlife got put on the back burner? Although it was on the back burner, it was on the stove. During all this time I had kept an eye out for someone else to bring proof of afterlife forward. After all, there is just one answer. Once you see it work it is obvious. Still, after all this time, no one came forward. It probably would have been a relief if they had. Then I could shirk my responsibility once and for all. Call me crazy but I have always felt a responsibility to bring proof of afterlife to the world. It is in the back of my mind. It's like God tapping you on the shoulder and saying, "you got to do this. I'm counting on you."

Great, I reply. Do you want to write this book?

If I were to answer the "why me" question I would say this:

First, I would say is my love of puzzles. Even to this day I spend every day on difficult programming problems. It is a blessing and a curse that I simply can't let a problem go unsolved. I will stay on a problem for days until it's fixed. Dogged determination is one of my traits.

Second, I would say is my ability to draw. To prove afterlife to other people you have to be able to draw. Explaining the proof requires illustration. I'm good at that. I have always been good at it.

Third, I would say is my love of computers. Given my nature, I probably would have loved computers anyway. But when you add in my background in afterlife I loved computers even more. I had always taken my responsibility of bringing afterlife to the world seriously. I tried for five years to write a book. At some point in life you have to get practical. For me that point was when I was 25. By that time you are a man. You have to support yourself. You need a career.

What are the odds that computers would come along when they did? The theories were discovered in 1970 to 1971. Computers arrived on the planet in 1980. Just about the time I realized proof of afterlife may not happen, computers came along. I knew instantly that computers and afterlife were related. It was memory. Memory was the common denominator.

Computers arrived after college. I finished school in 1981. I got access to my first computer in 1983. In a sense I was glad I didn't go through a computer science program. My approach to computers, from day one, was to write software. At Rockwell I was fortunate to be placed in a position where I got paid to do just that. I took an unfettered approach to computers. I was free to take it any way I wanted.

After five years at Rockwell I arrived at Northrop. Northrop was the mecca of computer aided design. They had the most advanced CAD system in the world at the time. We had unrestricted access to it. So here I was, working in a three-dimensional environment manifested within memory. This was memory as dimension personified. Can you imagine the good fortune of being placed in this situation? My time at Northrop working in their three dimensional system gives rise to the sixth and final theory, Proof of Afterlife By Information.

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