Who Could Forget The Trial Of The Century?

I, like every Californian, watched the "Trial Of The Century". The trial spanned eleven months starting with the jury being sworn in at Los Angeles County Superior Court on November 9, 1994. The defendant mounted a defense led by the dream team of lawyers. They brought in witness after witness. The trial was televised in the US. Both sides went into infinite detail. The trial was televised daily for almost a year.

When Proof Of Afterlife By Memory watches this, we have a different opinion. As the facts unfolded it became obvious the defendant did the bad deed. But the defense kept probing, calling witnesses, cross examining, calling sidebars, postponing and employing every other legal trick possible. The legal tactic was to draw things out, question everything the prosecution said, and develop an emotional connection with members of the jury.

You could say the defendant was fighting for his life, so why not employ every strategy possible? After all, the defendant was in expert in sports. He knew about defense.  So he fought back. If he wins, did he save his life? If he is acquitted of murder, is that the end of it. Is he exonerated?

The defendant is not getting away with anything. His life is in his memory memory. It lies up ahead of him, not behind him life most people think. It is in memory waiting to be experienced in afterlife. Judgment day, the real judgment day, is coming. Even if you convince everyone on the jury, everyone in court, and everyone watching that you're innocent, that earthly judgment does not matter. It does not matter because that reality exists. You may convince yourself otherwise in the short term. You may hope it goes away. It will not. Here's what it looks like to go back in time and find that moment to see what really happened.

As you look at this imagine this is going back into memory. Each one of these cans contains a moment, not a day. Each moment, from conception to now, exists here in memory. These aren't copies of moments, as the film cans shown here. These are the actual moments. In the case of the Trial Of The Century that moment exists. If we had the technology we could go back like this, find the exact moment, open it and take a look. Then we could see what really happened.

The notion that the criminal got away with a bad deed because he was acquitted is not true. This whole notion of getting away with a crime is flawed because it isn't the jury that sits in judgment. It is memory that sits in judgment. When you experience that moment in afterlife, it will be infinitely more vivid and impactful then it was the first time. You will experience the event with total awareness. Do you want that ugliness in your memory and hence your afterlife? Personally I do not. Not if I can help it. Forget what the jury thinks. It is meaningless.

We should not give ourselves permission to do bad things because we can hide it. Hiding from the world's judgment is not a criterion that matters. All that matters is what is in memory. Let's say you decided to do something bad and didn't get caught. So that moment gets absorbed into memory. You can argue that I lived thought it once and I can live through it again in afterlife. I can handle it. That isn't how it works. You don't get let off that easy. When you experienced the moment for the first time, you experienced it in life. In life, awareness is a single point. During life, the experience was temporary. Yes, you were uncomfortable for a while but it passed. You move on. It is behind you. You can forget about it.

No you can't because it exists. The moment is there, intact, in memory. During life you can refuse to remember it. But in afterlife, the second time you experience the moment, there isn't going to be any time. That is a huge difference. Awareness is location within time. Memory is time everlasting. So what you thought was just a minor blip on the timeline of life comes back amplified. It never goes away. There is no hiding it.

We all do bad things. Me too. We cheat a little bit. We lie a little bit. That is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about doing deliberately harmful acts based on thinking you can hide it. You can't hide anything. Like the video shows above, the event is there filed away in memory. Understanding memory-dimension imposes responsibility during life. Do you really want that experience in your everlasting universe? It is a question you should ask.

In afterlife things turn inside out. For example, let's say you know someone who has suffered terribly during life with an illness. You could conclude that their everlasting universe will be filled with suffering. No so. That isn't how afterlife works. Embedded in this is the concept of inverse. Those who suffered illness during life will not only be made whole, they will be ecstatically healthy. They will be running free with the energy of a gazelle. Those suffering during life will be rewarded when life turns inside out. Suffering gives rise to the opposite, health and happiness.

If you are poor during life you will be rich in afterlife. If you are lonely during life you will be among loved ones in afterlife. If you are sick in life you will be young and healthy in afterlife. Afterlife is for everyone, animals too. Everything works out perfectly in the end. Life is not meant to be easy. It is a struggle. Afterlife is the reward for enduring that struggle. Afterlife is the ultimate retirement program where you become surrounded by and imbued with joy, friends, health, knowledge, and happiness. Afterlife is the unlimited reward for having lived life.